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Product Management

The Price is Right: Understanding How Buyers Think About Value

“If your salespeople are asking for discounts that are too big or too often, then your product team hasn’t given sales the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to win deals at the right price.”- Mark Stiving.
Rebecca Kalogeris, VP of marketing for P…

competitor's price
Product Management

How to Find Competitor’s Prices

The formula for value-based pricing is simple. Your buyer’s willingness to pay is equal to the competitor’s price plus positive differentiation value minus negative differentiation

Is Price the Issue?

Customers want to buy at a lower price and companies want to sell at higher prices, it’s a universal truth. In this episode of the Pragmatic Podcast, our vice president of marketing, Rebecca Kalogeris, is joined by Pragmatic Marketing Instructor and pric…

value-based pricing vs everyday low prices
Product Marketing

Value-Based Pricing and Everyday Low Prices (EDLP)

  Here’s a challenging question from a reader: “Value-based pricing” has made a buzz in the dialogues of pricing practitioners and academics. Should all companies

Failed Price Segmentation (Dynamic Pricing)

According to anÊarticle in The Mercury, Village Cinemas in Australia is testing dynamic pricing, and itÕs not going well. It has implemented a $1 increase

Search Results for: price

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