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Build the skills you need to succeed as a product manager with a Product Management Certification that’s recognized industry wide.

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*Use code CERT2024 at checkout to save $400 off all three courses. This offer is valid through 11:59 pm EST on 7/31/2024.


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Product Management Certification Courses

Our Product Management Certification equips you with the skills you need to create and build products your audience wants. You’ll learn how to investigate market problems, develop product strategies and roadmaps, and partner with design to create innovative solutions.

After each Pragmatic course you receive a badge, but to earn your Pragmatic Management Certification, you must complete the following 3 courses.


This is the starting point for all product certifications. In this course, you’ll learn from experts with decades of real-world experience within companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Hallmark, Quaker Oats, and Dun & Bradstreet.
  • Master market listening techniques to uncover opportunities
  • Perform gap analysis to compare actual performance with potential
  • Document and share your market knowledge across your organization
  • Use the time-tested Pragmatic Framework


This course guides product managers to create realistic product strategy roadmaps, demonstrate market demand, and create stakeholder buy-in.

  • Analyze market opportunities and evaluate their alignment against your company strategy
  • Position your product to address problems for your real users
  • Build a business proposal for your product that creates buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Communicate your product vision with roadmaps and release plans


This course guides product managers to solve market problems by building remarkable products people want and are willing to buy.

  • Align strategy with execution by mastering communication with key stakeholders
  • Take a human-centered approach to articulating problems for your user personas
  • Prioritize solutions for your personas by evaluating the prevalence against the impact of those problems
  • Optimize delivery of those solutions to effectively and efficiently deliver value for your users
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You can also set up a flexible payment plan with Affirm and pay for your certification over time.

*Use code CERT2024 at checkout to save $400 off all three courses. This offer is valid through 11:59 pm EST on 7/31/2024.

Benefits Of Getting Your Product Management Certification With Pragmatic

We’ll help you earn your Product Management Certification and embark on the next steps of your product career. Here’s how we support your journey:

30+ Years of Product Expertise

30+ Years of Product Expertise

Pragmatic Institute is an industry leader in Product Management Certifications and Training. Since 1993, we’ve issued over 250,000 certifications for product, data, and design professionals.

Grow your product network

Grow Your Network with Pragmatic’s Alumni Community

Completing just one Pragmatic Institute product course gains you access to Pragmatic’s Alumni Community, a network of over 36,000 active product professionals.

Resources for Project Managers

Resources for Product Managers

Our comprehensive library of free articles, ebooks, podcasts, and more was developed just for Product Marketing Managers. When you complete our courses, you’ll get access to the most up-to-date Pragmatic Institute resources and activities.

When you take a course from Pragmatic Institute, you’ll get access to our robust online community and up-to-date resources for product professionals.

Pragmatic Institute Certifications

Additional Product Certifications

Pragmatic Institute offers additional product certifications to help you enhance your skills and take charge of your career.
Product Marketer Certification Badge

Product Marketer Certification

This path includes everything you need to know to become a Certified Product Marketer.

How to get certified: Complete the prerequisite course Foundations, Market, and Launch courses.

Product Master Certification Badge

Product Master Certification

This path includes the product management and product marketing skills you need to become a Certified Product Master.

How to get certified: Complete the prerequisite course Foundations, Focus, Design, Build, Market, Launch, Price, and Insight courses.

The Pragmatic Advantage

Holistic Approach

A Holistic Approach

Our proprietary Pragmatic Framework integrates product management and product marketing, design, and data best practices to help you build comprehensive solutions for your customers’ needs.

Career-Long Support

Career-Long Support

After completing your product certification, you’ll receive an invitation to Pragmatic’s Alumni Community for networking opportunities, peer and professional support, and other helpful resources.
Expert-Led Classes

Expert-Led Classes

All courses are led by instructors with decades of product management experience. In our product management courses, you’ll interact directly with instructors and peers for personalized learning that applies to your business problems.

New to Product Management?

New to product management? You’re in the right place! Our certification program teaches you everything you need to know to become an effective and data-driven product manager. We also have a large library of resources to help you understand the industry and make informed decisions about your career.

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