Product Management Certification

Product Management Certification Program

Build the products people love

Pragmatic Institute makes it easy to master the art of product management so you can build products that solve real problems for your customers and your business.
Product Management Certification

Core Program for Product Management

Our product management certification path is designed to give you the tools, templates, skills and battle-tested best practices needed to identify and build the right products for your market’s problems.


Gain a thorough understanding of your market and the opportunities that drive results.
  • Understand the market and the problems it faces
  • Better understand roles and responsibilities
  • Master the Pragmatic Framework and the activities needed to bring a successful product to market
  • Learn to prioritize projects and drive results
Foundations Pragmatic Certified


Identify and present the right product strategies and get your roadmaps embraced.
  • Learn to find opportunities in your market’s problems and score them objectively
  • Identify where your company’s strengths intersect with what the market values
  • Demonstrate strategic fit by showing a sizable market values the product, it fits with corporate strategies and there is money to be made
  • Successfully and credibly sell your strategies internally to get buy in and approval
Focus Pragmatic Certified


Partner with design resources to create innovative solutions that wow the market.
  • Learn to take a human-centered approach to market problems
  • Work with designers to deepen a shared understanding of target users and reframe market problems to elicit new ways of thinking
  • Iterate on potential solutions through prototyping and market feedback
  • Partner with designers to create intuitive products the market will embrace
Design Pragmatic Certified


Learn how to align product and engineering to deliver remarkable products. 

  • Learn to walk the fine line between a robust feature set and a realistic timeframe for delivery by prioritizing and planning based on market facts
  • Master a streamlined way to hand off market information about who the product users are and what they’re trying to accomplish, so development can build the right products
  • Ensure that the whole team is focused on the products and features that’ll have the biggest impact in the market
    projects and drive results
Build Pragmatic Certified

The path, which includes four courses and lifelong access to our robust online support community, was created by leading industry experts with decades of hands-on experience creating and building products people love. The product management certification path is constantly updating and evolving to embrace the best new techniques and insights in the world of product.

Our curated path to success

Pragmatic Certified Product Master

Product Master

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Course Included
Learn from experts who have been in your shoes armed with battle-tested tools and strategies designed to turn product managers into product masters.
Skills you’ll gain
  • Agile Methods & Delivery
  • Aligning Capability With Strategy Execution
  • Business Plan Communication
  • Buyer Personas
  • Buyer Profiles
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Content Development Models
  • Content Markeing & Strategies
  • Customer Data Management
Professional Certificate - 8 Course Series

Earn a career credential that demonstrates your expertise

Enhance Your Training

Build on your product manager certification with these additional courses and programs, designed to take you even further.

Pragmatic Alumni Community

The Pragmatic Alumni Community is the beating heart of our certification programs.
  • Turn your training into action alongside peers who are in your shoes
  • Get answers to every question from industry leaders, instructors and peers
  • Find real-world templates, checklists, deliverables and examples your peers have created and used for product success
  • Access step-by-step resources guides for using tools, resources and best practices post-training
  • Get involved in cohort-based learning groups, private workshops, author-led book clubs and more
Pragmatic Community


Take your product management skills to the next level by incorporating data into every decision you make. 

Perfect for:

Product Manager, Product Marketers, Product Owner
  • Learn a grounded and actionable approach to incorporating data into go-to-market practices and decisions
  • Identify patterns within your data to uncover and prioritize opportunities
  • Employ a scalable and repeatable process for successful data projects
  • Strengthen roadmaps, go-to-market plans, presentations and more with data
From your market research to your product opportunities, your user personas to your requirements lists, data will strengthen every part of your product manager journey.
Product managers meeting

Enhance Every Aspect Of Your Career

Being a great product manager means more than just knowing everything about building great products your market will love. It means building your leadership and finance skills too with help from the Pragmatic Learning Network.

Demystifying Finance for Product Teams

Make key financial decisions about your product and confidently communicate essential information with stakeholders.

  • Better understand, articulate and demonstrate how your product impacts profitability
  • Speak with confidence about the financials of your product
  • Leverage your expanded financial literacy to elevate your product management role

Level-Up Power Skills: Influence, Lead and Develop Yourself

Develop the skills you need to become a successful product professional.

  • Influence and guide your colleagues with authority and empathy
  • Successfully get buy-in from teams and executives on your product plans, roadmaps and more
  • Navigate office politics and earn your seat at the decision table

Learning & Support

At Pragmatic Institute, we believe in a holistic approach to professional education. That means we are continuously providing our alumni with the best resources out there to help them turn their training into action and deliver exceptional results

New to Product Management?

Pragmatic Institute has everything you need to become a successful market-driven, data-informed product manager. Check out some of our favorite resources to get a firm grounding in the world of product management:

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Product Manager

Product Management


Gain a thorough understanding of your market and the opportunities that drive results.

Perfect for:

Product Manager, Product Marketers, Product Owner


Identify and present the right product strategies and get your roadmap embraced.

Perfect for:

Product Manager, Product Marketers, Product Owner


Partner with design resources to create innovative solutions that wow the market.

Perfect for:

Product Manager, Product Marketers, Product Owner


Learn how to align product and development to deliver remarkable products.

Perfect for:

Product Manager, Product Marketers, Product Owner

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