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Our Approach

Business-Driven Data Analysis is designed to help you translate a business problem into data analysis that provides actionable insights. The curriculum provides you with time to embrace concepts, practice new skills, and apply what you’ve learned to a challenge in your own work.

Through a cycle of real-world business challenges (from a C-suite presentation to a data visualization request), presentations, feedback and reflection, you’ll build on what you’ve learned. 

In this interactive, live masterclass led by experienced instructors, you’ll practice new skills in different contexts and levels of difficulty, discuss with peers, and share feedback for improvement. Transform the way you present insights and advance from a tactical role to being a strategic contributor for your organization.

You’ll leave the course able to optimize your data projects, solve business problems with critical insights, and elevate your career.

Data Analysis

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Common Roles:

The course is for data analysts, business analysts, operations analysts, insights analysts, and other data practitioners who want to drive business impact.

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What you’ll learn in Business-Driven Data Analysis

Translate Business Needs
into Achievable Data Projects

Get to the crux of a problem by asking the right questions to create objective, measurable goals.

Learn a Proven and Repeatable
Approach to Data Analysis

Optimize your processes and adopt a standardized approach for working with data.

Identify the Fastest Path to
Actionable Insights

Select the most powerful yet efficient method to gather and transform data for a problem.

Communicate Effectively with
Diverse Stakeholders

Minimize misunderstanding, share only what’s essential, and articulate the value and impact of your findings.

You must be able to interpret, clean and analyze data using spreadsheets before attending. You will complete assignments using your preferred program(s), so familiarity with at least one of the following is a prerequisite: PowerBI, Python, R, SQL, Tableau, and/or related tools and software. Looking to acquire these skills? Check out courses from our sister company, The Data Incubator.

An eight-week, cohort-based learning path

  • Week 1: Critically think through the data analysis process to deliver actionable insights
  • Week 2: Effectively communicate and present your findings with expected ROI
  • Week 3: Focus on the business problem and ensure alignment with stakeholders
  • Week 4: Identify the most useful methods connecting your analysis to business insights
  • Week 5: Revisit questions and stakeholder expectations as challenges arise in the analysis
  • Week 6: Analyze the data with purpose and focus on controllable factors that bring the desired outcome
  • Week 7: Improve the way you learn and collaborate in the data analysis space
  • Week 8: Use a business problem from your organization by applying what you’ve learned

Homework completed outside of class (2-4 hours per week) ensures immediate application.

Pragmatic Data Insights Model

Our course is built around the Pragmatic Data Insights Model: an optimized, repeatable approach for any data project or toolset (such as Python, R, Power BI or Tableau).

Students master the Pragmatic Data Insights Model by completing five case studies, which are from representative business problems, and a unique final project implementing these skills within their own organizations using real-world data.


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Marilyn Coleman

Marilyn Coleman

Marilyn has over 15 years of experience in data analysis, business analytics, and technical writing. Prior to joining Pragmatic, she led the implementation of operational self-serve business intelligence at Educational Testing Service. She has a passion for empowering others to use data to organize and simplify what appears to be chaotic and complex.

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