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More companies look for and require Pragmatic certifications than ever before—it’s the only certification employers ask for by name. Earn your Pragmatic Institute certifications today and give your career the boost it needs.

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The first and most sought-after product management and product marketing certifications in the world.


Snag yourself a pay increase average of 5.6% when you earn your Pragmatic certification badges.


More than 500 of the top product jobs open right now require Pragmatic certifications from their applicants.

Pragmatic Certified Product Manager

Pragmatic Certified Product Manager
Foundations, Focus, Design, Build

Become your users’ biggest advocate so your teams can design and build innovative products that solve real problems.

Pragmatic Certified Product Marketer

Pragmatic Certified Product Marketer
Foundations, Market, Launch, Price

Send your products flying off the shelves with the right price, the right campaign and the right strategy to win in your market.

Pragmatic Certified Product Master

Pragmatic Certified Product Master
Foundations, Insight, Focus, Design,
Build, Market, Launch, Price

Learn how to build and market products people want to buy by developing a deep understanding of what it truly means to be market-driven.

Product Certifications

Pragmatic offers three certification paths designed to turn you into a certified product manager, a certified product marketer or a certified product master. Pragmatic makes it easy to learn the skills and earn the certifications you need to thrive in your role as a product professional. Find the right certification path for you.

Data Certifications

Whether you’re a data practitioner, or want to learn to work more effectively with data teams, Pragmatic has the right certifications for you.

Through the lens of the Pragmatic Data Insights Model, our data certifications will help you better understand the relationship between business and data.

Business-Driven Data Analysis
Data practitioners learn to refine projects, produce results and effectively communicate with stakeholders.

Data Science for Business Leaders
Business leaders learn how to better partner with data professionals and how to make better decisions with data.

Design Certifications

Grow the strategic impact of design through interactive learning and practical application with courses created by designers, for designers.

Pragmatic’s design certifications help designers extend their reach by combining business acumen with user advocacy to create value and strengthen partnerships.
Business Strategy & Design
Learn to connect user-centered work to advance business objectives, demonstrate ROI and strengthen partnerships.
Influence Through Storytelling
Learn to design narratives that showcase design impact, advocate for user interests and align stakeholders on common goals.

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You’ll receive a badge for each class you successfully complete. When you complete all the courses required for a specific certification track, you’ll receive your certification.


Our digital certification badges from Credly allow you to share your achievement on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, as well as your digital resumes, email signatures, websites and pretty much anywhere else. Check your email for your Credly certification email and follow the instructions on how to share your new badges with the world.

Learn more about sharing your digital badges on social media here.

These new digital badges are just like our old badges—only better. 

Credly is the platform that we use to distribute our certification badges. Using this platform, you can quickly and easily share your skills and certifications with the world.

With Credly, you can pin your digital certification badges to your email signatures, digital resumes, social media sites and more. 

Employers can use the Credly site to find people with the certifications and skill sets they need.

If you have questions about certification tests, or if you haven’t received a certification you believe you should have, please contact us at [email protected].

If you have questions about Credly, such as login questions, please click here, or email them here.

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