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More companies look for and require Pragmatic certifications in their hiring requirements than ever before—which means earning your Pragmatic certification is the best thing you can do for your career.

Pragmatic Institute certifications are the de facto standard in the business world.

We’ve certified more product, design and data professionals than any other company, and have issued more than 200,000 certifications worldwide. 

Plus, it could net you a nice salary increase, too.*

First and Most Sought-After
product management & product marketing certification in the world
Snag yourself a
5.6% increase in salary
*according to PayScale
Named one of the
7 Hottest Certifications,
by CIO

Pragmatic Certifications

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Pragmatic Institute’s certifications are the best way to tell everyone about your product, design and data expertise. Show the world the genius that you are with Pragmatic certifications.

What good is a certification if no one knows about it?

Introducing Digital Badges from Pragmatic
Thanks to Credly, it’s now easier than ever to share your Pragmatic Institute certifications with the world. For each new Pragmatic certification level you reach, you’ll receive a new badge that showcases your skills with the world.

Share your digital badges everywhere:

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If you’ve passed a Pragmatic Institute course since 2015, you should have received an email for each of the digital certification badges you’ve earned directly from Acclaim.

If you have not received your badge, or if you passed your courses prior to 2015, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

If you haven’t taken a Pragmatic Institute course yet, there’s never been a better time. Join more than 200,000+ certified alumni today and become the envy of your entire office. 

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