Product Marketing & Management: Training and Certifications

Pragmatic’s product practice provides a full ecosystem of impactful, results-driven training and resources for product professionals and teams.

Industries of Every Size Speak Pragmatic

Become a Certified Product Master

We’ve certified more product managers and product marketers than any other company, and have issued over 200,000 certifications worldwide.

Begin Your Pragmatic Journey

Start With Foundations

Implement a proven, practical blueprint for becoming truly market-driven.
  • Understand the market at its problems
  • Use market knowledge to build and sell products people want to buy
  • Listen to the market, prioritize projects and drive results

Expand Your Expertise With Pragmatic

Pragmatic Learning Network

Get hands-on, world-tested best practices beyond the Framework from the experts you trust.

Pragmatic Labs

Bring hands-on, targeted practice to your office and turn what you learned in class into a real deliverable.
New Workshop

Advanced AI Techniques for Product Marketing

Guide your marketing strategy from data exploration to campaign launch by leveraging generative AI best practices and prompt engineering techniques designed for product marketers.

Learn from the Best

Pragmatic’s product courses are designed by industry experts to provide you with the skills and tools you need to conquer every obstacle.

Our instructors have decades of experience at companies of every size—from startups to Fortune 500—and have walked in your shoes. Learn from their experience and master the tools they’ve created to improve the way you build and market products. 

Cindy Cruzado Instructor
Rich Nutinsky Illustration
Steve Gaylor instructor
Paul Young
Any Graham Instructor
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todd middlebrook instructor
Terry Sadowski Illustration

Which Course Is Right For You?

Pragmatic Institute has the courses and learning tracks you need, to master the skills you care about the most

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Get Your Company
to Sponsor Your Training

Download our sponsorship letter template and give your boss the info they need to send you to training that will transform the way you build and market products. Copy and paste the text into your email, update and adjust where needed, and hit send! Soon you’ll be in your course, on your way to becoming a Pragmatic Certified Product master.

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Continue to learn with a lifetime access
to the Pragmatic Community

Turn Training into Action

By joining Pragmatic’s alumni community, you gain access to an ecosystem of thousands of product experts, colleagues and peers from around the world.
  • Peer advice for every question
  • A cohort for every project
  • Real-world examples for every template

The Pragmatic Framework:
37 Boxes of Product Greatness

The Pragmatic Framework is a proven blueprint that today’s leading companies use to bring successful products to market, and is the backbone of everything we teach.
Pragmatic Institute Framework

Resources for Every Situation

Get the expert insights you need in every format in our resource library. Get actionable, battle-tested advice with every resource we offer.

Why People in Product Quit their Jobs

Why are people leaving your team? What’s your turnover rate? To understand why people in product are changing jobs, I surveyed 76 people in product management at all levels...

How To Hire Excellent Product Managers with Matt Lemay

Hiring the right product manager for your team starts with understanding exactly what your company needs, not simply “what makes a good product manager...

31 Tools for Data-Driven Product Marketing Managers

31 product marketing tools to make collecting relevant data, analyzing it, finding insights and communicating with stakeholders a bit easier.

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