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Pragmatic Institute’s data practice helps organizations leverage data to drive business success through high-impact training. We provide individuals and teams with actionable guidance, hands-on practice and a business-oriented approach so they can solve problems and propel decision making with data.

Our Approach

We believe strengthening data and business fluency across an organization is the key to delivering value for the bottom line. Through practical, in-depth courses, Pragmatic Institute builds expertise within data teams and a stronger collaboration with their stakeholders.

Data Insights Model

Our courses are built around the Pragmatic Data Insights Model: a proven, optimized and repeatable approach to data projects. Aligning data teams and business leaders around this approach enables them to define a question of tangible impact to the business and solve it with the data at hand.

Our Courses


Business-Driven Data Analysis

This masterclass enables data practitioners to refine their projects based on available data, produce results, and effectively communicate strategic insights to diverse stakeholders.  

  • Translate business needs into achievable data projects
  • Learn a proven, repeatable approach to data analysis
  • Identify the fastest path to actionable insights
  • Enhance data storytelling and presentation

Duration: 8 weeks
2 hours per session, meeting twice a week

Common Roles

Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Operations Analyst
Insights Analyst

Data Science for Business Leaders

This course is designed for business leaders to partner with data professionals, learn what problems to solve with data, and how to leverage the findings to make better decisions.
  • Focus on data projects that drive business impact
  • Gain better outcomes through stronger partnerships
  • Identify the fastest path to actionable insights
  • Champion data-driven decision making

Data Maturity Assessment

Discover where your organization falls on the data maturity continuum and start building a data-driven culture.

The Data Incubator Bootcamps

A division of Pragmatic Institute, The Data Incubator (TDI) is a leading provider of data science and data engineering training for individuals looking to transform their careers.

Data Science Bootcamp

Master the most in-demand data science technologies, like advanced machine learning, distributed computing, generative AI, deep learning and more. You’ll work with live code, real data sets and get hands-on experience with several mini-projects before you graduate with a portfolio of work to show off your abilities to hiring teams.

Data Science
Engineering Bootcamp

Designed to bridge the gap between data science and data engineering, you’ll discover the skills needed to design better data models, build data infrastructures, maintain data architecture and effortlessly work with massive datasets. Master SQL and NoSQL, data APIs, advanced machine learning, generative AI and more so you can build the sophisticated platforms businesses desperately need.

TDI provides hands-on data engineering and data science certifications that focus on the crucial data skills needed to make an immediate impact on businesses by solving real-world data problems. TDI offers live-online, instructor-led full-time and part-time bootcamps to suit every student’s needs and provide extensive career prep so you can get hired fast. Check out their bootcamps and apply today!
Pragmatic Data Certification

Pragmatic Data Certification

Students receive certification upon completion of each course. Get certified in Business-Driven Data Analysis or Data Science for Business Leaders.

Interested in corporate training?
We offer both courses to teams.

Resources for Every Situation

Find thought leadership, ebooks, webinars and podcasts in our resource library. Gain actionable, expert insights with every resource we offer.
Refine: Revise Your Data Projects for Maximum ROI
Refine: Revise Your Data Projects for Maximum ROI
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Communicating Data Effectively Through Design
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Data Advisory Board

Pragmatic Institute’s Data Advisory Board comprises a group of industry leaders and experts who bring a real-world lens to data and business.

Bill Franks
Director of the Center for Data Science and Analytics at Kennesaw State University 

Christopher Laubenthal
Data Design Manager at The DeBruce Foundation

Mike Lukianoff
Data Science Expert and Entrepreneur

Sami Mian
R&D manager at Amazon Kuiper

Eugenie Packer
Senior Director, Development Systems and Analytics, at the Mount Sinai Health Systems

Shilpam Pandey
Applied Intelligence Strategy at Accenture

Barton Poulson
Founder of

Marco Szeindenleder
Managing Partner at Pandata

Yonas Yohannes
Cloud CTO, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, at Oracle

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