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Data as a Strategic Advantage

Pragmatic Institute’s data practice helps organizations leverage data to drive business success through practical, high-impact training. We provide individuals and teams with actionable guidance, hands-on practice and a business-oriented approach, so they can solve problems and propel decision making with data.

We believe strengthening data and business fluency across an organization is the key to delivering value for the bottom line. Through tailored training options, data bootcamps and in-depth courses, Pragmatic Institute builds expertise within data teams and stronger collaboration with their stakeholders.

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Data Science for Business Leaders Flag icon

Data Science for Business Leaders

This course empowers leaders from all functional areas who collaborate with data professionals to leverage data in decision making and strategy. Gain insights you can act on and solve business problems with the data available—while cultivating a data-driven culture throughout your organization. Data science is a competitive advantage; ensure you’re leveraging it to drive business impact.

  • Focus data projects on business impact.
    Craft the questions that lead to productive data projects, and provide important context as data is acquired, curated and prepared for analysis.
  • Gain better outcomes through stronger partnerships.
    Learn where both business leaders and data professionals add value during data projects.
  • Understand how to put insights into action.
    Define the right levers to influence data and the right metrics to evaluate its effect on the business.
  • Champion data-driven decision making.
    Break down silos and help make data both accessible and actionable throughout your organization.
New Course
Business-driven data analysis

Business-Driven Data Analysis

Harness the power of your organization’s data with our new course, Business-Driven Data Analysis. Improve your data team’s approach to analysis and stakeholder communication, and empower them to drive business outcomes through critical insights.
  • Translate business needs into strategic data projects
    Your data team will get to the crux of a business problem by asking the right questions to create objective, measurable goals.
  • Accelerate data analysis in your organization with a proven, repeatable approach
    Optimize processes and implement a cohesive approach for working with data so your team can be more effective overall.
  • Shorten the path to receiving actionable insights
    Ensure data analysts use the most powerful yet efficient method to gather and transform data for business needs.
  • Increase harmony among data and business stakeholders
    Your team will articulate the value and impact of their findings for better alignment and collaboration.
Pragmatic Institute Data Insights Model

The Pragmatic Data Insights Model

Our instructors bring years of experience in data and business to the classroom. Course content is built around the Pragmatic Data Insights Model, an optimized, repeatable approach for any data project or toolset, such as Python, R, Power BI or Tableau.

  • Define: Focus on the specific business problem you want to solve with data.
  • Prepare: Explore the available data and the most useful methods.
  • Refine: Revise questions and expectations as necessary.
  • Analyze: Build models to find actionable insights.
  • Present: Communicate actionable insights and next steps to stakeholders.

Interested in corporate training? We offer Business-Driven Data Analysis to data teams on time frames tailored to their needs.

The Business of Data

The Business of Data Science

This course provides business leaders from all areas with an in-depth understanding of data science. Uncover the best methods for turning business challenges into profitable data projects, while driving a data-driven culture throughout your company. Start doing more with the data your company collects every day.

Featured Resources

Define: Laying the Foundation for Successful Data Analysis

What are the most vital questions to ask before embarking on a data analysis project? Our in-depth guide ensures data analysts and business stakeholders avoid disconnects by sharing context and establishing clear goals from the outset.

Demystifying Data Projects ebook cover

Demystifying Data Projects

While data science is a competitive advantage, data isn’t magic. If you work closely with your data partners to develop and refine those questions, that’s where the magic happens. In this eBook, learn how to connect the question you’re asking to the analysis required—as well as the time, interpretability and cost involved—to ensure you are initiating data projects with real business impact, from reducing costs to informing strategy.

Advancing Your Organization’s Data Maturity to Drive Value

A data mature organization can identify new opportunities, gain a competitive advantage and drive return on investment. Watch our recent webinar featuring data expert and instructor Dr. Susan M. Gracia to learn the pillars of data maturity, common obstacles in the journey and vital steps for leveling up.
Data Maturity Graph

Pragmatic Institute Data Maturity Assessment

How well does your organization leverage its data? Our Data Maturity Assessment is a powerful tool for organizations that want to measure and grow their level of data maturity. Discover where your organization falls on the data maturity continuum to start building a data-driven culture.
Promo Graphic for Data Chats Podcast by Pragmatic Institute and The Data Incubator

How to Become a Data-Guided Business

A data-guided business doesn’t distinguish between data and business activities because they’re embedded so closely. On Data Chats, author and Cynozure CEO, Jason Foster shares the process of becoming a data-guided business and creating a data culture.

Pragmatic Institute Data Advisory Board

Pragmatic Institute’s Data Advisory Board comprises a group of industry leaders and experts who bring a real-world lens to data and business. Our curriculum was developed in close partnership with the board to ensure alumni maintain a competitive edge in an evolving data and business landscape.

  • Neal Fultz
    Principal Data Scientist and Founder at njnm Consulting
  • Alexey Grigorev
    Principal Data Scientist at OLX Group and Founder of DataTalks.Club
  • Christopher Laubenthal
    Data and Visualization Consultant at Lockton Companies, LLC
  • Yacov Lewis
    Co-Founder at Claps and Data Scientist
  • Michael Li
    Founder of The Data Incubator
  • Harish Krishnamurthy
    President at Sciata
  • Eugenie Packer
    Senior Director, Development Systems and Analytics, at the Mount Sinai Health Systems
  • Shilpam Pandey
    Applied Intelligence Strategy at Accenture
  • Barton Poulson
    Founder of
  • Yonas Yohannes
    Cloud CTO, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, at Oracle
Pragmatic Data Certified

Pragmatic Data Certification

Students receive certification upon completion of each course. Get certified in Business-Driven Data Analysis or Data Science for Business Leaders..

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What’s the difference between a successful data analysis project and one that falls flat? 

Before you begin working with the data, you need to understand what you’re solving for. Gathering context and aligning around goals with your stakeholders from the outset will help you avoid disconnects and deliver actionable insights. Discover the most vital questions to ask before embarking on a data analysis project in our in-depth guide, “Define: Laying the Foundation for Successful Data Analysis.”

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Demystifying Data Projects: A Guide for Business Leaders
While data science is a competitive advantage, data isn’t magic. Learn how to make magic happen by partnering more effectively with data professionals. This eBook delves into types of data projects, sample questions, tools and methods, key points and cautions—so stakeholders like you can initiate data projects with real business impact.

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