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Our Data Maturity Assessment is a powerful tool for organizations that want to measure—and grow—their level of data maturity.
Data Maturity Graph
  • Data Naïve: Rely on process and output instead of data
  • Data Conscious: Aware of data’s potential value but access is limited
  • Data Informed: Understand the value of data across the organization but use it inconsistently for decision making
  • Data Decisive: Empowered to use data in everyday decision making; there is a determined approach to data literacy and democratization

Data maturity is the measure of an organization’s ability to harness the full power of its data—one of its most valuable assets. An organization that leverages data strategically can uncover new opportunities, gain a competitive advantage and boost return on investment. The more data mature an organization is, the better equipped its leaders are to identify threats and drive decision making.

Use our assessment—comparing your results with your colleagues’—to discover where your organization falls on the data maturity continuum and start building a data-driven culture.

To learn more on advancing your organization’s data maturity, watch our recent webinar with data instructor Dr. Susan M. Gracia as she breaks down the main data maturity categories and shares actionable takeaways for leveling up.

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Our Data Science for Business Leaders course empowers leaders to leverage data in decision making and strategy, solve business problems with the data available and help build a data culture in their organizations.

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