Pragmatic Institute Introduces The Pragmatic Learning Network

Pragmatic Institute Introduces The Pragmatic Learning Network


These partnerships bring additional must-have skills training to product professionals around the world


SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. (July 8, 2020) — Pragmatic Institute, the global authority on product management, product marketing and data science training, has brought together prominent industry experts to develop and launch the Pragmatic Learning Network. The new learning network provides product and business professionals the ability to expand their skills in a wide variety of topics essential for product and career success through online training taught by leading experts from around the world. 


The Pragmatic Learning Network has launched with two critical courses: 

  • Level Up: Power Skills to Influence, Lead and Develop Yourself Differently – designed by leadership expert Art Petty, this course provides product professionals with the skills they need to act and communicate like a leader, regardless of title.
  • Accelerate Your Subscription Business – created by pricing guru Mark Stiving, this course dives into the best strategies for managing and growing subscription products for success. 

Courses in UX, win/loss analysis, roadmapping and more are in development and will be released regularly.


“We’ve been searching for the best minds in product and business to create our Pragmatic Learning Network,” said Pragmatic Institute CEO Philip Alexander. “We’re excited to be able to offer these courses to our alumni and the public at large to help them take their Pragmatic skills to the next level. This network will continue to grow and evolve as we partner with more great experts to offer the very best courses to our community.”


The learning network is designed to support and expand Pragmatic Institute’s world-renowned Framework; the 37 activities essential to building and marketing products people want to buy. Topics covered in the Pragmatic Learning Network will build on areas taught in Pragmatic’s courses, as well as other areas and skills needed for a successful career in product management and product marketing. 


“We’re excited to bring our course to the Pragmatic Institute community,” Petty said. “This course was designed exclusively for Pragmatic and offers a unique, immediately actionable professional development experience in the areas essential for career and organization success. The topic is ideal for product professionals striving to level up performance and contribution.”


Both Level Up and Accelerate Your Subscription Business are available on-demand in a self-paced learning platform. Courses in the Pragmatic Learning Network are not eligible for Pragmatic certification, but cover important topics that product and business professionals need to know to improve their careers and their businesses.


“The Pragmatic Learning Network gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge with additional training that matters to their careers and their roles,” said Stiving, who previously built Pragmatic’s Price course. “There are so many topics in courses like Price that easily could be courses unto themselves, and now this program provides a place where those more specific courses, or more business-specific courses, can exist.” 


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