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At Pragmatic Institute, we believe in a hands-on, real-world approach to training. We partner with you to identify your organization’s specific needs, and then tailor a program to help achieve them. All of our offerings provide relevant, practical, in-demand skills that drive results and ensure comprehension and retention. 

We combine different learning approaches and tools to create an ecosystem that facilitates real change, including lecture, hands-on practice, tools and templates, real-world examples, office hours, ongoing support and more. We utilize educational best practices in all of our training options so your teams can do more, faster. 

We offer a full ecosystem of post-training support and continuing education, and provide you with the tools to get executive buy-in for training so your entire company is on the same page.

Check out the courses we offer below. Then contact our team today to discuss how we can create the right training program for your company.

Training Programs

All of our data, design and product courses are available as public courses and private training that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. View our different verticals and courses below.

Data Science and Data Analytics Training

Business-Driven Data Analysis

Harness the power of your organization’s data with Business-Driven Data Analysis. Improve your data team’s approach to analysis and stakeholder communication, and empower them to drive business outcomes through critical insights.

Data Science for Business Leaders

Ensure your entire organization understands the power of data with Data Science for Business Leaders. This course shows attendees how to partner with data professionals to uncover business value, make informed decisions and solve problems.

Technical Data Bootcamps

Your goals and needs are front and center with this custom training on the more technical sides of data science, from data wrangling and machine learning, to TenserFlow and neural networks. We take the time to understand what you’re looking to achieve so we can provide the best data training program for you and your team. Talk to a member of our team today to discuss your goals and learn more.

Data Science Essentials

We understand that it can be difficult to coordinate schedules across entire teams. That’s why we offer open enrollment for our intro-level Data Science Essentials course through our sister company, The Data Incubator. This part-time, evenings-only course takes place twice a week for 8 weeks, and teaches your teams the technical data skills they need to start doing more with their data.

Design Courses

Influence Through Design

Hone your designers’ talent for narrative no matter the scenario, goal or message. Ensure they can craft strategic stories that advocate for user interests, align stakeholders around a common purpose and inspire teams to action.

Business Strategy & Design

This course equips designers to connect design work to business outcomes and confidently contribute to strategy conversations. Ensure designers understand, measure and communicate how design fits into the strategic landscape.

Product Management and Product Marketing Courses


Implement a proven, practical blueprint for being market-driven and get your entire organization on the same page. Foundations helps attendees understand their market and the problems it faces, then use that market knowledge to build and sell products people want to buy.


Identify the right product strategies and present them in a way that secures approval. Focus shows attendees how to find opportunities in your market’s problems, score them objectively and identify where your company’s strengths intersect with what the market values.


Leverage design teams and resources to ensure your product solves users’ problems and exceeds their expectations. Design teaches attendees how to take a human-centered approach to market problems so they can partner with design to create intuitive products the market will embrace.


Learn how to align product and development to deliver remarkable products. Build gives attendees the tools needed to provide a clear understanding of users and their goals to development teams, and prioritize requirements and plan releases that deliver truly remarkable solutions to the market.


Build buyer expertise and create strategic product marketing plans that deliver results. Market teaches attendees how to measure their strategies against the metrics that matter most to your organization, focusing on outcomes and impact, not vanity.


Align your entire organization around the right launch strategies. Launch helps attendees create a more strategic approach to exceed business objectives and empower sales with the tools and training they need to succeed.


Learn how to set the right price for each product in each market. Price gives students the tools needed to take the guesswork out of pricing and increase profitability, and provides a proven approach to pricing that reflects what the market is willing to pay and supports your organization’s strategies.


Leverage data to make the right product decisions. Insight provides attendees with a grounded and actionable approach to incorporating data into product practices and decisions, tools for partnering more effectively with data teams and techniques for weaving data into roadmaps, plans and presentations in a way that invites adoption.

AI Training for Product Professionals

Learn to unlock the power of generative AI and prompt engineering with the tools and skills needed to streamline workflows and optimize product decision-making. Gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market landscape by leveraging advanced technology to supercharge product management and marketing strategies.

Let’s Create Your Tailored Training Program

We combine different adult learning techniques to facilitate training that works, including lecture, hands-on practice, tools and templates, real-world examples, ongoing support and. We utilize adult learning best practices in all of our training options so your teams can do more, faster. And we’ll help ensure organizational fit for all of our programs, and provide you with the tools to get executive buy-in for training so your entire company is on the same page.

Are you ready to transform your business? Give your teams the hands-on training they need to take your business to the forefront of your industry with Pragmatic Institute.

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