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With nearly 30 years of experience providing practical, relevant training in product management, product marketing, design and data science, Pragmatic Institute is the world leader in hands-on, practical training that inspires and facilitates lifelong learning. 

The Pragmatic Implementation Plan

When you partner with Pragmatic Institute, you get a partner for life. 


Pragmatic provides a proven, quantitative approach to assessing the needs of your organization before crafting a program designed to meet those needs.


  • Clear understanding of current strengths and weaknesses
  • A comprehensive plan for implementing the right Pragmatic program


Pragmatic’s expert instructors help you gain alignment with leadership teams on what it takes to create lasting change and true success through training.


  • Alignment on the right approach toward organizational success
  • Understanding of roles, responsibilities and budget adjustments needed to create change

Competency Building

Pragmatic leads a series of up-to-date, relevant training tailored to your organization’s specific goals.


  • Hands-on training full of real-world examples, practical tools and templates, industry best practices and more
  • Full-service training that’s focused on student retention and growth


Pragmatic fosters the transformation of learning into action, to facilitate the adoption of core Pragmatic principles and to fill gaps in key skills.


  • Ensure comprehension through practical application and facilitated discussions
  • Students are able to apply training immediately to their roles with guidance from industry experts


As your teams develop, you and Pragmatic work together to check progress and provide support to build a bedrock for lasting change.


  • Maintain a new way of working without regression
  • Find quick answers and support for all questions with access to instructors, communities and resources
Download the 5 Phases of Pragmatic Transformation to share with your organization.

The Pragmatic Difference

With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to adult learning, Pragmatic Institute partners with you to create the ideal holistic learning environment for your organization. By combining lecture, hands-on practice, tools and templates, best practices and more, we are able to provide your company with training that focuses on results and retention.

Learning doesn’t end at the classroom’s edge with Pragmatic Institute. Our wealth of resources, events, workshops, instructor office hours and alumni communities ensure your employees continue growing long after training ends, and are able to apply what they’ve learned to their roles in ways that have real impact.

Our approach has helped thousands of companies around the world take their product, design and data teams to new levels. We pay specific attention to the individual needs of your organization so your teams can get the skills and tools to create success and drive revenue.

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Training with Pragmatic Institute

Pragmatic Institute offers a comprehensive ecosystem of practical, hands-on training for product management, product marketing, design and data. Ensure your employees retain what they’ve learned and grow after training with Pragmatic implementation resources, including our facilitator-led labs, instructor office hours and the award-winning alumni communities.

From hands-on labs to our Pragmatic Learning Network of partner courses, we’ve got the options your organization needs to take training to the next level.

Explore our private training options to help your teams reach and exceed their goals.


Case Studies

Thousands of companies from around the world have used their Pragmatic Institute training to create better alignment, build better products, drive revenue and solve their toughest challenges. See for yourself how some of these companies have turned their Pragmatic training into results.

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