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Product Management


How to Write a Product Manager Resume

A comprehensive guide to writing a product manager resume with best practices, dos and don’ts for writing a resume, and templates.

Top Reasons to Pursue a Product Management Certification 

Earning a product management certification is a strategic move for professionals immersed in product development, whether they're officially holding the title or managing related tasks. It’s also a smart step if you’re aspiring to move...

How to Choose a Product Management Certification

Learn how to choose the best product management certification for your career development and what makes a certification worth it.

Product Development


How AI and Data Insights Can Help You Build Stronger Personas with David Tang

This episode is from our latest Product Chat webinar >> watch the webinar In a world where customer expectations are ever-evolving, delivering personalized experiences isn’t just nice to have, it’s imperative.” – David Tang, Product...

A Guide to Product Roadmaps: How to Build One That Works

A product roadmap is a frequent request from the sales force and others in the company. ‘What’s coming in the next release and the ones after that?’ Long buying cycles common with strategic products often...

How to Build a Brilliant Visual Product Roadmap

Building roadmaps is a crucial part of a product manager’s job. Yet most product managers still use outdated tools for roadmapping—Excel, PowerPoint, wikis, etc. The good news is that there’s a better way. Executives have...



Connecting Your Agile Approach to the Pragmatic Framework

Leveraging Agile methodologies has become increasingly essential in modern product development as it enables teams to iterate quickly, respond to market feedback, and ultimately produce products that resonate more deeply with your target audience. By...

Analytical Tactics to Inform Product Decisions

If you’re not using product data to guide your decisions, you’re just guessing. A large amount of data is created to measure user behavior that can be tapped into to guide product decisions. Knowing how...

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