Summer 2017

Back to School Issue

Become a perpetual student. If you want to succeed, you must regularly learn new concepts and continually refresh the topics that matter most: understanding the markets and ensuring that everything you do addresses their problems. In this issue of Pragmatic Marketer we reexamine some core subjects (pricing, messaging, prioritization), as well as some newer ones (UX and IoT, for instance), to make sure you have everything you need to move to the head of the class.



What Could Go Wrong? Building for the International Market

Globalization is a reality you can't afford to ignore. But before introducing your product to an international market, be sure you know what cultural contexts to consider.

The ABCs of UX and Design

It takes work to create software your customers love using and want to buy. Learn how to engage more efficiently with your design and software teams to build more effective products.

The Art of Product Messaging
Customers will assign their own meaning to your product unless you actively define what it stands for. Tailor messaging to your audience's key needs, differentiate yourself from your competitors and focus on business benefits.
Why the Product Team Must Own Pricing
If you want to create more valuable new products, the people who define the next product should also be in charge of setting its price. Discover why the product team is the perfect owner of pricing.

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