The Art & Science of Launch

Prepare for takeoff. Launch readiness is about more than product readiness--and the spring issue of Pragmatic Marketer is here to help your team get ready for its next big launch. From best practices to one of the biggest case studies in marketing history, the insights in this issue will help take all of your future launches to new heights. 



Winter 2017
We Have Liftoff
Apollo is the largest and the most important marketing case study in history. It’s a story that needed to be told, but to date had not—and certainly not from the perspective of marketing and PR practitioners. This greatest technological achievement...

Make the Most of Your Betas
For many companies, beta test preparation is fraught with uncertainty. Even knowing when to start can be a complicated decision. You might want to base the decision on quality assurance (QA) milestones, ensuring the product...
The Name Game
Naming something may be the most universal aspect of business. Whether it’s a company, a product or a service, you’ve got to call it something. But with trademarks and domain names exploding around the globe, the challenge is doing the job better...

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