Pragmatic Marketer Summer 2018

Create a cohesive product team that functions like a superorganism

Ants work so well together that the collective group is classified as a superorganism. Now imagine how much your team could accomplish, how powerful it would be, if it functioned the same way. That’s why we’ve dedicated the fall issue of Pragmatic Marketer to building successful organizations. You’ll find plenty of information to help you define the roles, responsibilities and structure needed to create cohesive product teams.


It Depends: Determining the Best Location for Product Jobs

Six key elements of structure for determining the best location for your product jobs.


Defining the Role of Product Marketing

Set your product marketing function up for success by clearly defining the role.

Implementing Agile Business Planning
Create and communicate the business requirements for your organization to ensure investment in the most promising products.
Designing an Agile Marketing Organization: Roles, Responsibilities and Restructuring
Learn how to cultivate an innovative, creative, rapidly evolving environment to enjoy the fruits of agile marketing.

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