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How to Make Your Design Stories Shareable Ebook Cover

How to Make Your Design Stories Shareable

Whether you’re speaking to stakeholders or teammates, delivering stories that motivate your audience to take action is essential—and difficult. Pragmatic Design’s newest ebook explores the world of “shareability,” and how you can leverage different techniques...
Category: Design
Using Resources to Bring Design Stories to Life

Using Resources to Bring Design Stories to Life

There are myriad ways to apply storytelling in design, from aligning on user context with cross-functional stakeholders to sharing learnings from a project with peers. If you have a goal in mind for your story,...
Aligning Design Activities to Business Strategy Ebook Cover

Aligning Design Activities to Business Strategy

Want to boost the impact of design? Determine your company’s strategy so you can be intentional in your recommendation of design activities. Read about four types of company strategy, common indicators for each and design...

Ethics in Storytelling: A Guide for Designers

Proofing design stories through an ethics lens can ensure your message aligns with your values. Discover five ethical approaches you can apply toward decision-making, with examples and practice scenarios.
Cover of Communication Compass ebook

Map Your Message to Its Audience with the Communication Compass

Storytelling is a valuable tool for designers who want to carve out more influence in their organizations. But while you might feel your story has all the right ingredients, how will you ensure your message...

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