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Recent Articles

Person working on project management software on a tablet

10 Tools for Product Managers 

The right product tools can make it easier to manage your team, but there are hundreds out there—so how do you choose which one is right for you?
the right sales tools for customer journey stage

Mapping Your Sales Tools to the Customer Journey

My young niece once asked me, “Is a dandelion a flower or a weed?” Honestly, I was stumped. While I’m hardly a horticultural expert, I recognize that the dandelion has some attributes of a flower—including
Category: Sales
31 Tools for Product Managers

31 Tools for Data-Driven Product Marketing Managers 

31 product marketing tools to make collecting relevant data, analyzing it, finding insights and communicating with stakeholders a bit easier.

Recent Webinars

Why Product-Design Collaboration Is Your Best Tool webinar thumbnail

Why Product-Design Collaboration Is Your Best Tool

For product managers and designers, collaboration is a powerful tool. By understanding each other’s mindsets and methodologies, you can work together in harmony throughout the product development lifecycle. So, how can you leverage complementary skill
Pragmatic Institute Webinar: Anatomy and Evaluation of a Successful Launch with Trishna Sharma

Anatomy and Evaluation of a Successful Launch

Join us as we welcome Trishna Sharma, Product Manager of Meta for a conversation on how to look at the key components of a successful product launch and evaluation techniques you can utilize to ensure
getting exec buy-in for data analytics with marilyn coleman

Getting Exec Buy-In on Data Analytics

Unleashing the power of data analytics helps organizations maximize efficiency, uncover actionable insights, and drive business value. However, getting executives on board comes with its own set of challenges. So, how do you sell data



How Designers and Product Managers Can Work Together to Drive Innovation

"In an environment where there is not good collaboration, ultimately, you don’t leverage the expertise of everyone. You’re leaving all these superpowers on the table because people aren’t talking. The key to innovative ideas is leveraging the talents...
Pragmatic Institute Design Chats Podcast

Navigating Your Organization’s UX Maturity Journey with Lori Landesman

“The thing about UX maturity is, as much as I love it, it’s so complicated. And even when you look at an organization, it’s hard to characterize a full organization. Different parts of the organization will have achieved different levels of maturity....
Category: Design

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