Product Launch in an Agile World - Webinar

By Dave Daniels July 02, 2009

How would you like to ship something every week?

Agile software development methods can produce dramatic productivity improvements but can also create havoc for Sales and Marketing teams. Frequent product releases can often surpass the ability of organizations to absorb the changes in a manageable way. This can result in new product capabilities that should be emphasized being lost in the chaos of getting the product to market. It also has the potential to disrupt the sales cycle.

Better definition of the "Product Launch" as the beginning of the sales process and not the end of the development cycle changes the perspective significantly. Instead of repeatedly forcing new versions of the product out the building, the focus shifts to how to sell the product, regardless of the incremental features added in any given iteration.

This webinar will examine how Development and Marketing see each other, and discuss the new opportunities Marketing has in an Agile world.

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Dave Daniels

About the Presenters

Dave Daniels is the VP of customer success at Pragmatic Institute. His mission is to ensure that each Pragmatic Institute customer has what they need to successfully implement the Pragmatic Institute Framework. For over two decades Dave has helped technology companies succeed as a software developer, sales engineer, product manager, product marketing manager, executive, leader and entrepreneur. Dave enjoys snowboarding, CrossFit and barbecue. He's a dad of three amazing kids and the product of a military family. Dave has a BS in computer science with a minor in mathematics from Columbus State University. Contact him at

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