Is Your Growth Plan Dead On Arrival

By Paul Schwada November 30, 2016

You put a lot of energy into creating go-to-market plans that will produce growth. But too often the plan is dead before it’s even launched. And that failure can be traced back to one unasked question: Will it work? The answer requires math.

In this webinar learn how to:

  • Think about a plan’s feasibility from a holistic perspective
  • Identify critical assumptions, risks and gaps
  • Build a strong case for investment

Leading this webinar is Paul Schwada, managing partner of the Chicago-based consulting firm Locomotive Solutions and author of 8 Blocks: The Critical Realities For Growing Any Business to discover how to create a healthy growth plan.

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Paul Schwada

About the Presenters

Paul Schwada is the managing partner of the Chicago-based consulting firm Locomotive Solutions. He applies practical insights gained from a long history of work inside corporations with the objectivity of an external collaborator. He helps clients around the world find, and take, the best path forward. Connect with him at, via Twitter @BizWellDone or

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