Cage Fight: Product Owner vs. Product Manager

By John Milburn May 05, 2016

Scrum has become the de facto standard for organizing agile development teams with its focus on feedback, frequent delivery of working software and simplicity. But as Scrum reduces organizational complexity, it often makes the life of the product manager harder. Suddenly, a product manager doesn't know how their role fits with a product owner. Or they are expected to be a product owner as well as a product manager. In this webinar, we discuss the tension between the product owner and the product manager roles, describing a set of responsibilities that support both. We highlight how these two sets of responsibilities can be unified to focus on ownership, value and business success. And how people in these roles can survive the tensions without having to work two conflicting jobs.

Hear from, the home of Scrum and Pragmatic Institute, the leader in product management and marketing, on how to resolve the tension and avoid getting into a cage fight between the two roles.

For those interested, the Pragmatic Marketer article John Milburn mentions during the webinar, Product Ownership: From Roadmaps to Backlogs, can be accessed by clicking here.

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John Milburn

About the Presenters

John Milburn is CEO of Practical Growth Strategies LLC, where he and his team help companies to apply and implement market-driven principles. Prior to this, he was an instructor at Pragmatic Institute and has held executive and individual contributor roles in development, sales, and product management from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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