Winning in a Down Economy – Webinar

We live in interesting times. The rapid changes that thrust Wall Street into a tailspin this year have created a business environment far different from anything we’ve seen in the past. The panic on Wall Street rippled quickly from the investment community into executive suites and down the line to each and every employee. Everyone is talking about how to react. What are the impacts to our nation? Our economy? Our business? Us?   

There are great opportunities for you and your business ahead. They are just different than you envisioned them three months ago. The questions we need to be asking ourselves today are “Are we ready for 2009?” and “How can we win in a down economy?” Answers are flying at us from all directions but seem to focus only on the financials. However, blindly cutting costs isn’t going to improve your market position.

This webinar hits the issues of ‘Winning in a Down Economy’ head on by discussing culture, process and the ten-step action plan to get out in front and healthy heading in to 2009. These strategies are not opinions, they’re based on research Pragmatic Institute conducted and refreshed in the last 90 days to give you some specific proof points to help your organization navigate the rough waters ahead. Don’t launch your 2009 attack plan without it.

Watch “Winning in a Down Economy

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