NIHITO Principles in Action: Strategies for Conducting Systematic Buyer and User Interviews 

NIHITO Principles in Action

Strategies for Conducting Systematic Buyer and User Interviews 

NIHITO (nothing important happens in the office) is the foundation of Pragmatic Institute’s philosophy, yet it can be challenging for product professionals to establish a regular cadence of productive meetings with buyers and users. Often, the problem isn’t prioritizing time to speak with customers, the problem is implementing a plan to systematically and effectively book these important meetings.

To be successful, you need a clear plan and effectively communicated goals that ask for the time from your market audience. You also need to enlist the help of your marketing and sales colleagues.

Scott Olson, founding partner at Compete2Win, and a product team leader for 25 years, discusses:

    • Choosing the appropriate audience: potentials, evaluators and customers
    • Best practices to implement when asking for meetings and common mistakes to avoid
    • Incentives or no incentives, and which ones work best
    • Tricks, tools and processes to simplify setting meetings
    • How to get buy-in from sales and marketing when you don’t own those relationships
    • Leveraging meetings to get more meetings

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