Modern Competitive Intelligence Webinar

Competitive intelligence (CI) efforts traditionally have focused on competitors’ data sheets, feature sets, financial statements and other more covert sources of their information. But our webinar panel, including experts from Oracle Corp. and Eigenworks Inc., is ready to tell you that it’s time to turn that thinking around.

Focusing on competitors means we too often emphasize developing features just to keep up with competitive products. But does the messaging we provide on competitive differentiation even matter or resonate with customers? And at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters?

Modern CI strategies, tactics and job descriptions need to evolve toward a hyperfocus on buyer and customer needs, desires and experiences. Using win/loss analysis can not only tell you why you’re winning and why you’re losing, but also pinpoints your strengths, weaknesses and points of competitive differentiation from the customer’s perspective.
This presentation covers:

  1. The pressure to change to a more modern CI approach
  2. Using win/loss interviews to power customer-centric CI
  3. Buyer intelligence: win/loss, stuck deals and predictive renewal analysis
  4. How buyer intelligence can reshape sales approaches, marketing strategies, messaging and product management strategies
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