Competitive Intelligence: Use employees and internal knowledge to create a competitive edge

Listen to Oracle’s former director of competitive intelligence as he discusses how companies have increased win-rates, improved competitive positioning, and helped to plan for the future by using internal crowdsourced competitive intelligence.

This webinar shows you how to:

  • Create a “crowdsourced” competitive intelligence strategy leveraging internal competitive knowledge sources from new employees, customer-facing employees (new logo sales, inside sales, account teams, solutions/sales engineers), partners and partner development executives, and product management employees
  • Use customers as a source of intelligence
  • Leverage existing competitive data in CRM databases to identify competitive trends
  • Use technology to harness and distribute competitive intelligence in real-time
  • Create an intelligence sharing culture

Join Tim Rhodes, former director of competitive intelligence at Oracle, for this lively discussion about real-world examples of companies that have created programs to increase competitive knowledge mining and sharing and the best practices they’ve put in place.

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