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Pricing Is …

Pricing is important to both your company and your customers, with high prices hindering demand and low prices leaving money on the table or making your product look cheap. There is clearly so much more to pricing than just a boring function that places a number on a product–so familiarize yourself with the nuances of exactly what pricing is.

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    Pragmatic Institute is the transformational partner for today’s businesses, providing immediate impact through actionable and practical training for product, design and data teams. Our courses are taught by industry experts with decades of hands-on experience, and include a complete ecosystem of training, resources and community. This focus on dynamic instruction and continued learning has delivered impactful education to over 200,000 alumni worldwide over the last 30 years.


Product roadmap ebook cover

Journey into the World of Product Roadmap Methodologies

The main objective of a product roadmap is to communicate your product strategy to stakeholders. But If you choose the wrong approach, your roadmap might just get everyone lost. This guide will help you: Understand...
Creating a Shared Language: How Pragmatic Helps Align Your Organization and Product Team

Creating a Shared Language: How Pragmatic Helps Align Your Organization and Product Team

Are you frustrated with training programs that teach employees specific skills without considering how those skills fit into the broader context of your organization? Do you want to create a shared language across your organization...

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