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Using Resources to Bring Design Stories to Life

There are myriad ways to apply storytelling in design, from aligning on user context with cross-functional stakeholders to sharing learnings from a project with peers. If you have a goal in mind for your story, it’s easier to achieve it with the help of resources. These help you transition from storytelling to story sharing. Sharing invites active engagement: it allows your audience to take the story and make it personal.

As designers, we can have a dizzying array of resources at our disposal: photos, infographics, models, videos, data and more. It’s tempting to use it all. So, what resources might you include, how might you present them, and what might you edit out? This ebook outlines ideas to help designers leverage resources in new ways to increase engagement and story retention.

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Harness the Power of Storytelling

Pragmatic Institute’s Influence Through Storytelling course is perfect for designers across practices (such as UX, product, service, and digital design) who want to grow their impact. Learn how to craft strategic stories that achieve goals, align stakeholders and inspire action. Facilitated by experts and built within Miro—a visual collaboration
platform—this course provides an immersive, interactive learning experience. And you’ll walk away with a step-by-step process for designing your next great presentation, share-out or project update.

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Aligning Design Activities to Business Strategy Ebook Cover

Aligning Design Activities to Business Strategy

In the eyes of your business stakeholders, design work is more valuable—and worth investing in—when it’s clearly connected to business strategy. As a designer, understanding the business ecosystem you operate within will help you position

Ethics in Storytelling: A Guide for Designers

Proofing design stories through an ethics lens can ensure your message aligns with your values. Discover five ethical approaches you can apply toward decision-making, with examples and practice scenarios.

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