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You know your products and teams better than anyone, so you know what issues are the most urgent. In these one-day working sessions, our experienced experts guide your team to a specific deliverable or outcome. Prioritize your lab sessions on the areas you need to work on most, and find the best ways to implement the Pragmatic Framework into your business your way. To schedule your first Lab today, contact our sales team.



Market Insights and Problem Discovery

The amount of information you can gain from a single phone discussion or market visit can change your product and your company. And market research isn’t something that only outside firms can do. In this lab, you’ll work on 3 research methods for your business, the mechanics of client interviews and mock interviews. Learn more>

Opportunity Scoring

Knowing which opportunities and projects to prioritize can seem impossible. We’ll show you how to create a scoring system to evaluate product ideas and identify the best investment to support company goals. In this lab, you’ll focus on articulating your organization's distinctive competencies, defining a standard opportunity scoring system and comparing and ranking projects.


One of the biggest challenges of planning is aligning releases with industry rhythms to make the biggest impact on the market. Too many teams attempt to release based on development convenience rather than market need. In this lab, you’ll work through aligning roadmaps with strategy, the difference between internal and external roadmaps and getting buy-in for your roadmaps.

Positioning and Messaging

How do you communicate your product message to the market? The right positioning based on the right personas communicates the key ideas and features most relevant to your buyers. In this lab, your team will work on market facts and persona stories, 3 techniques for positioning and repositioning the competition. Learn more>

Roles and Responsibilities

Is everyone on your team clear on their specific roles, and the roles of everyone else? Clarifying team roles, identifying gaps in team skills and distinguishing high priority activities will set your team up for success. In this lab, you’ll learn to profile 50 activities and artifacts to define responsibility areas, identify performance gaps as well as areas for process improvement and additional skills training. Learn more>

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Real results come when you get your entire team on the same page, speaking the same language and working off the same framework. You’ll communicate better, have fewer challenges and be more effective. Don’t just take our word for it though—see what our customers have to say.