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Working with Engineers: How Product and Engineering Can Help Each Other with Dan Corbin

“There are certain things that product managers sometimes unintentionally do, or things they don’t realize they do, that have really negative cascading impacts for engineers.” – Dan Corbin, Product Management Leader and Instructor at Pragmatic...

Inside the Quality Engineering Hub at Mattel with Tim Trapp, Director of Quality Engineering at Mattel, Inc.

“Consumers are our most valuable treasure trove of information, along with online reviews and some other data sets.” -Tim Trapp, Director of Quality Engineering at Mattel, Inc. In this episode, Tim shares all about product...

Mastering the Art of Interviewing with Jordan Burton, Professional Interviewer and Executive Trainer

“What you notice is that the real nuggets that you get, the parts of the story that really shed light on a candidate’s exceptional fit or lack of fit for a role, it’s usually the...

Strategies for Building the Perfect Product Team with Amruta Moktali

“If you have teams, go figure out what drives every single person on the team and make sure you are addressing their needs. Those are extremely important things, and not a lot of folks do...

Maximizing Impact: The Power of Strategic Early User Programs with Neil Baron and Rod Griffith

“It’s all about setting up the right expectations with the company or the early user. So, it’s not just giving it to them. It’s about being clear about what you expect in return early in...

GrandPad's AI-Powered Approach to Senior Tech with Isaac Lien, Co-founder and Chief AI & Innovation Officer at GrandPad

“The first thing I would recommend everyone to do who has an interest in the AI space, and I think lots of people have an interest in this space, is you should be using generative...

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