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Win/Loss 2.0

Pragmatic Institute has always been passionate about win/loss analysis—but what’s the next version of win/loss for the future?

Product strategy guru and kite-flying enthusiast Mike Smart from Egress Solutions joins Rebecca Kalogeris, vice president of marketing at Pragmatic Institute, look at how data is changing the way we’re doing win/loss analysis. More than just understanding why someone did or did not purchase your product, pulling larger amounts of data from larger quantities of buyers can give you deeper insight into market problems and product possibilities. Understand how to balance the quantitative data with the qualitative data and uncover new opportunities for your business.   


Want to learn more about win/loss analysis and how it can help you become more market and data-driven? Make sure you take our Foundations course today. And make sure you listen to our other great podcasts, now available on Spotify, and join us for the best product training in the world.  

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