*Special Event* Free Win/Loss Workshop With Instructor Diane Pierson

Thursday August 18th, 2022
1:00 PM ET
Instructor and Innovation Expert Diane Pierson

What is it?
A guided win/loss workshop with instructor and innovation expert Diane Pierson. In this session, Diane will provide a win/loss refresher and break down the steps of a successful win/loss analysis utilizing a real client journey as a case study. We’ll then discuss the best approaches for conducting and implementing these programs and perform exercises so you can walk away with your very own W/L action plan.

Who is it for?
PMs, PMMs and team leads, this call is for you. Join us for a discussion surrounding how to conduct a successful win/loss interview, ways to get buy-in within your organization and how to create your own W/L action plan. This call is a great way to find ways to improve your current win/loss program or discover the best approaches for creating one.

Why attend?

 If you would like to:
·        Get a robust win/loss refresher from a seasoned instructor
·        Learn how to develop a W/L action plan that you can execute and integrate
·        Improve the W/L workflows you already have in place
·        Clarify and avoid roadblocks that prevent success
·        Learn top approaches for leading a successful program
·        And more!

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