Product Principles To Fuel Your 2023

Thursday December 15th, 2022
1:00 PM ET
Kirsten Van Detta

Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn

With 2022 coming to an end and rumbles of the macro environment creating some potentially tough hurdles for businesses in 2023, companies must be laser-focused on what is most important for success in the coming year. This is why product managers and leaders must hone in on areas that create resilience and deliver the highest value and greatest impact for their organizations, employees and, most importantly, their users and customers.

Join us December 15 at 1 pm ET as we welcome Kirsten Van Detta, senior product manager at LinkedIn, for a conversation on what key concepts product professionals should be focusing on to fuel their 2023 and how being ruthless in your prioritization can serve as your biggest ally.

In this conversation Kirsten will share how and why you should:

  • Be obsessively customer-focused AND user-focused
  • Be ruthless in prioritization and focus on work that brings the greatest value to users and customers
  • Lean into the new way to work and build high-performing teams
  • Pay attention to key data points and metrics to ensure you successfully combat the shift
  • Place the highest value on being ethical, sustainable, secure, and respecting user privacy
  • And more!

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