Go-To-Market: How Phased Marketing Strategies Maximize Resources and Reduce Risk

Thursday September 15th, 2022
1:00 PM ET
Arnaud Berube

Senior PMM at Zillow

Going to market is an exciting yet often anxiety-provoking moment in product development. And there is an onslaught of questions like, will users adopt? Are we articulating our messaging appropriately, and how can we best measure the success of our endeavors?

So how can you utilize phased marketing initiatives to motivate your market to buy a newly launched product or service without breaking the bank or depleting resources?

Join us for our next product chat 9/15 @ 1 pm ET as we welcome Arnaud Berube, Senior PMM at Zillow, for a conversation on how to approach go-to-market in a way that aligns objectives across your organization and reduces risk.

In this conversation, Arnaud will share:
– A framework for connecting business objectives to marketing executions
– Ways to use research to size, position and name your products/features
– A four-phased GTM approach to prove marketing value and reduce risk
– Ways to apply the same methodologies to create a product marketing function to utilize moving forward

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