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Hybrid Intelligence: When Artificial or Human Intelligence Isn’t Enough

In an era driven by rapid advancements in AI and automation, the notion of Hybrid Intelligence emerges as a powerful concept. It recognizes that AI and Human Intelligence have significant limitations when used alone. However,...

Advancing Your Organization’s Data Maturity to Drive Value

  Data maturity is the measure of an organization’s ability to harness the full power of its data and one of its most valuable assets. When an organization is data mature, it can identify new...

Communicating Data Effectively Through Design

Communicating data effectively through design allows you to convey your message faster and ensure the point is not misunderstood. Watch our recent webinar featuring data visualization expert, Christopher Laubenthal to learn key strategies to make...

Getting Exec Buy-In on Data Analytics

Unleashing the power of data analytics helps organizations maximize efficiency, uncover actionable insights, and drive business value. However, getting executives on board comes with its own set of challenges. So, how do you sell data...

GoDaddy’s Senior Data Scientist on Evaluating Customer Lifetime Value

Customer life value (CLV) is a key indicator for businesses to better understand long-term and financial viability. A high CLV translates into brand loyalty, increases in sales and recurring revenue from existing customers. So how...

Empowering Collaboration Between Data Practitioners and Product Managers

As data practitioners and product managers strive to gain actionable insights with the data at hand, it’s important for both roles to work collaboratively. In this webinar hosted by Pragmatic’s Director of Community Georgina Donahue,...

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