WeÕre Heading to the UK!

Pragmatic Institute is bringing our courses to the UK. While we have provided training at companies across the EU and around the world for several years, public courses will now make it more convenient for international customers to learn about the importance of listening to the market. Join us for our first public session of Foundations, Focus, Build and Price in London, June 13-16.

FoundationsÑImplement a proven, practical blueprint for being market-driven.

FocusÑUse market data to identify and present the right product strategies.

BuildÑAlign product and development teams to build remarkable products.

PriceÑSet the right price for each product in each market.

If youÕre ready to learn the leading product management methodology and get practical, actionable training that you can implement the day you return to your office, join us in London June 13-16.

Register now.

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