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How do you define your market?

How is your organization defining the market for your products? Do you focus on:

  • Demographics like location, age, income?
  • Identical markets to your competitors?
  • Other companies that look like your biggest client?

However you’re defining your market, there’s a chance you’re limiting yourself and missing out on a large section of customers who are looking for products just like yours.

Check out this sneak peek of our Foundations On-Demand course and get insights into the best way to define your market, and find revenue in new places.

Learn about defining your market in this video from Foundations On-Demand

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What is Foundations On-Demand?

Foundations On-Demand is the gold standard for product management and product marketing. This on-demand, self-paced course provides you with battle-tested tools and strategies designed to turn product managers into product masters through interactive, engaging training.

With Foundations On-Demand, you’ll get access to interactive games and challenges, reference guides, tools, templates and more for 12 months, starting on your day of registration. You can also ask questions to other Foundations On-Demand students in our virtual classroom, and engage with our instructors live every Friday at 1:30 PM ET during our Office Hours. You’ll continue your education in our alumni community with your complimentary lifetime membership. Earn your Pragmatic certification on your schedule while mastering the skills you need to succeed.

It’s the perfect way for busy professionals to upskill their product management or product marketing skills with the flexibility of on-demand learning.

You’ll learn everything you need to:
  • Accelerate growth by gaining a better understanding of your market and the problems they face
  • Grow revenue by prioritizing the right market problems to solve for your market and your organization
  • Drive results by focusing on strategic tasks instead of tactical problems and firefighting
  • Create a real impact by embracing an outside-in, market-driven approach to products
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If you’ve been wondering if Foundations On-Demand is right for your organization, then you’ve come to the right place. After you watch your complimentary sample of our course, talk to a member of our team and see how Foundations On-Demand will help you:
  • Get everyone on your team speaking the same language
  • Train new product team members quickly and easily
  • Focus your entire organization on being market-driven
  • Offer a refresher for employees who have taken Foundations in the past
  • Provide training without worrying about travel budgets and location limitations
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