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Is Price Gouging Good?

Rapidly increasing prices after a natural disaster is looked down upon. However, it may actually be a good thing. Learn how to think about price gouging in this week’s podcast with Pragmatic Marketing instructor and pricing expert, Mark Stiving.
Got a …

Price: A Signal of Quality

Many buyers use price as a signal of quality, but what does that mean to you if you set price? First, let’s see this phenomenon

The Ins and Outs of Price Increases

Jon Manning, the head of pricing and value analytics at, joins Mark Stiving to discuss price increases—specifically the product price increases in Australia that are an annual event—and where those pricing increases come from. They also …

Should You Price to Compete or Differentiate?

There are no easy answers about where you should set your pricing in relation to your competitors. But the answer could be found in how fast your market is growing, according to Pragmatic Marketing Instructor Mark Stiving. Find out more in this week’s P…

Empower Your Sales Team to Sell at Your Price

Pragmatic Marketing instructor and pricing expert, Mark Stiving interviews Reed Holden, the author of several pricing books and Pragmatic Marketer article, Make Salespeople the Champions of Your Pricing Strategy. Reed discusses how you can create a stra…

Setting the Best Price for Your Product

Pragmatic Marketing instructor and pricing expert, Mark Stiving interviews former Adobe manager of business model strategy and pricing, Ward Dey. Learn how to identify and fix profit leaks by analyzing discount behavior and getting to know how much valu…

How Can You Charge Different Customers Different Prices?

Pragmatic Marketing Instructor Mark Stiving addresses one of his favorite frequently asked questions. Charging different prices to different customers can help you maximize profits, but how can you do it effectively?

Search Results for: price – Page 2

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