Pragmatic institute launches new data analytics course

Pragmatic institute launches new data analytics course

Product and Data Training Company Will Now Offer a Course Designed to Teach Data Analysts the Skills to Better Drive Business Success; Enrollment Open, Course to Begin November 15

Phoenix, AZ, September 21, 2021Pragmatic Institute—a trusted enterprise education partner in data science, design, product marketing and product management—has launched a new course within its data vertical, Business-Driven Data Analysis. The first session begins on November 15, 2021. The in-depth course teaches data analysts how to translate qualitative business problems into meaningful data questions that drive outcomes, while training them to communicate findings to stakeholders at all levels of data literacy.

“At Pragmatic Institute, we’ve always focused on training the crucial roles that drive a company’s success,” said Pragmatic Institute CEO Philip Alexander. “There are missed opportunities when organizations don’t capture the full potential of their data. This course enables data professionals to get to the heart of problems and accelerate business outcomes through critical insights.”

Business-Driven Data Analysis will teach a proven, repeatable approach that can be leveraged across data projects and toolsets to deliver powerful analysis. The hands-on curriculum also builds vital interpersonal skills and business acumen. At the course’s completion, participants will be able to translate business needs into data projects, identify the fastest path to actionable insights and communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders.

“There is a chasm between data experts and business needs that exists for many organizations,” said Mike Lukianoff, a data science expert and advisor for Pragmatic Institute’s new course. “It’s rooted in a lack of data understanding on the part of many executives and a lack of business acumen or communications skills on the part of data professionals. Bridging this gap is key to creating effective, data-driven organizations. This course is designed to mold data professionals into indispensable assets by refining their ability to create and communicate practical business solutions.”

To guarantee alumni maintain a competitive edge in an evolving data and business landscape, Pragmatic Institute has cultivated a Data Advisory Board comprised of prominent industry experts who help ensure the data curriculum addresses pressing market needs. Business-Driven Data Analysis will be foundational to the data vertical as it expands further with course topics ranging from data visualization to data fluency.

In addition to training, Pragmatic Institute provides a full ecosystem of tools, resources and access to an alumni community where professionals can connect with peers around the world. Pragmatic Institute has successfully trained more than 200,000 individuals at 8,000 companies across six continents.

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