So what’s the difference between on-demand courses, live online courses, and in-person courses?

When it comes to what you learn, nothing. We’ve worked hard to provide you with the same great learning, regardless of delivery format. 

Depending on how you learn, you might find that one format works better for you than the others. Here are some of the pros and cons of each option:

In-Person Courses:

  • Pro: A live instructor guides you through the course and is available to answer questions
  • Pro: Lots of networking opportunities during group projects and during the breaks
  • Con: Our in-person courses last an entire day, which means you have to plan to be out of the office for a full day per course you register for
  • Con: If we don’t have any in-person training events in your area, you may have to travel to another city or state to get the training. 


 Live Online Courses:

  • Pro: A live instructor guides you through the courses and is available to answer questions
  • Pro: No traveling involved as classes are solely online 
  • Pro: Each course is separated over multiple days so you can more easily fit the course into your busy work schedule
  • Con: Networking opportunities limited to breakout groups during exercises 
  • Con: Scheduled times for classes can be difficult for those outside the continental United States and Canada


On-Demand Courses

  • Pro: No travel involved as the class is solely online
  • Pro: Self-pacing allows you to learn on your schedule, which is ideal for busy professionals and those in areas outside the U.S. 
  • Pro: As you have access to the course for 12 months from date of purchase, you can refer back to the information in the course whenever you want during that time frame 
  • Con: No live instructor to guide you through the course and answer questions in real time
  • Con: Limited networking opportunities with other students
  • Con: Learning is entirely self-motivated, which can be difficult for some students

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