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Pragmatic Institute’s design practice empowers designers to contribute strategically. We help designers extend their reach by combining business acumen with user advocacy to uncover new opportunities to create value and strengthen partnerships across the organization.  

Our learning experiences are developed by design practitioners, instructional designers and industry leaders—focusing on interactive learning and practical application. With an ecosystem of training, resources and community, our design practice builds on Pragmatic’s reputation as a transformational partner to 200,000 alumni and counting.

Our Courses

Business Strategy and Design

Business Strategy
& Design

Increase your strategic impact as a designer

Gain a grounding in business strategy and the tools and vocabulary of key business stakeholders so you can confidently contribute to strategy conversations. Learn how to connect user-centered work to the advancement of business objectives, demonstrate return on investment, and strengthen cross-functional partnerships.
Storytelling for Influence

Influence Through Storytelling

Harness the power of storytelling to grow your influence

Get tools and techniques to enhance collaboration with stakeholders, build influence, and change attitudes and behaviors through strategic storytelling. Learn how to design narratives that showcase design impact, advocate for user interests, align stakeholders around a common purpose and inspire teams to action.

Pragmatic Design
Advisory Board

Our Design Advisory Board brings a real-world lens to strategic design.

These experts are enthusiastic and passionate about design advocacy, human-centered innovation and building the next generation of design leaders.

  • Christine Fitts

    Director, Customer Experience, Integrated Delivery Lead | Pfizer

  • John James

    Director of Product Design | Spotify

  • Kim Moy

    Design Director | Capital One

  • J. Scott Sanchez

    Product Innovation Officer | Deluxe

  • Lauren Sinreich

    Senior Principal, Design Research | Coforma

  • Leah Udja

    UX Research Manager, Enterprise | Indeed

  • Lyndsey Williams

    Associate Director, User Experience Design and Research Operations | Moody’s Analytics

  • Elizabeth Zietlow

    Director, Experience Mapping and CX Strategy | Signet Jewelers

Meet Our Pragmatic Design Instructors

Featured Resources

Find more expert insights, actionable advice and thought leadership in every format in the Pragmatic Design resource library.

2 Tools to Leverage UX Metrics for Internal Buy-in and Product Success

User experience metrics can help you create a story around the value UX brings to a cross-functional team and quantify that impact. Senior UX Manager Leah Ujda shares how to use two powerful tools to overcome common challenges and build buy-in for UX work.

Ethics in Storytelling: A Guide for Designers

As designers, we make decisions about how to tell stories, whether describing a user’s journey or explaining our choices in designing a product. How can we ensure our storytelling is ethical? In this Pragmatic Design

How to Advocate for Design in a 6-Minute Activity, with Adam Cutler of IBM Design

Sometimes designers feel that they are in a fight, and they approach advocacy as a fight. But you’re never going to change minds by fighting.” Adam Cutler, a Distinguished Designer and a founding member of IBM Design, shares how designers can build influence.

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Pragmatic Strategic Design Certification

Pragmatic Design Certification

Stand out from the crowd with Pragmatic Design certifications. Our certifications enable you to easily share your strategic design skills with your network.

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