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Turn Data into
Product Strategies

From building better solutions to identifying new market problems to creating the perfect marketing campaign for your audience, data has the ability to impact every aspect of your job. 

Insight provides you with a grounded and actionable approach to incorporating data into product practices and decisions. 

Learn how to partner more effectively with your data teams to identify the problems you should solve, and discover how to weave data into your roadmaps, plans and presentation in a way that invites adoption. 

If you’re ready to start turning your data into killer product strategies, register for Insight.

What You’ll Learn in Insight

Turn Market Feedback into Actionable Insights

Learn how to objectively validate what you’re hearing from your customers and the market. See how to:

Build Business-Focused Inquiries

Articulate measurable, objective-driven questions to bring structure and priority to data efforts. Learn how to:

Get the Most Out of Your Data Resources

Demystify data processes and language to partner more effectively and efficiently with your data resources.

Empower Yourself for Success

Bring confidence and data to roadmaps, plans, presentations and priority discussions.

Ready to become a Certified Genius?

Pragmatic Institute’s certifications are sought-after all over the world, and are the best way to tell the world about your product and data expertise. Show the world the product or data genius that you are with Pragmatic certifications.

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Please note: Foundations is a
prerequisite for all of our courses
and must be taken first.
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In-Person, Online


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Training on Your Schedule

Fill out the form today and our sales team will help you schedule your private Pragmatic training today.