Innovative products by design
Design teaches you how to take a human-centered approach to market problems, so you can partner with designers to create intuitive products the market will embrace. Leverage the power of design throughout the product life cycle to ensure market adoption, improve customer ratings and increase competitive advantage. Work with designers to deepen a shared understanding of your target users, reframe market problems to elicit new ways of thinking, and iterate on potential solutions through prototyping and market feedback.


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What You'll Learn in Design
Discover the Power of Design
Understand the value of design—the process of translating problems into solutions—and how to best leverage it in your environment. Identify complementary design and product processes. Learn how to:
Align on responsibilities to determine how best to collaborate throughout your project
Provide context that helps designers serve the user while also meeting business goals
Build and Leverage User Expertise
Tap into the full power of user personas to establish a shared understanding of users’ problems, goals and experience. Deploy personas in communicating research insights, problem framing, ideation, evaluation and feedback. Gain the skills to:
Collaborate on developing and refining user personas
Map a persona’s current experience and analyze challenges and pain points so your team can envision an ideal future state
Foster Innovation
Reframe market problems to move beyond obvious solutions toward product innovations. Master techniques on how to:
Drive cross-functional exploration of market problems
Use ideation activities for unlocking new ways of thinking and evaluation tools for deciding which ideas to pursue
De-Risk Solutions
Increase efficiency, lower risk and ensure user adoption through prototyping and feedback loops. Boost confidence in your product’s ability to meet market expectations with user feedback sessions. Get insight on how to:
Select the right prototype based on what you want to learn and when you want to learn it
Provide market-focused critique and effective feedback to help evolve design work
On The Framework

The Pragmatic Framework has helped thousands of organizations around the world streamline their processes so they can build and market better products. Explore the key framework activities that we examine in  Design.

Use Scenarios
User Personas
Market Problems
Who's it For
Product professionals who work with a designer or design team and want to create innovative products, including:
Product Management
Product Owners
Tools & Templates
Included templates and tools:
Action Plan
Product Management and Design Kickoff Template
Provisional Persona Template
Refined User Persona Template
Experience Map Template
"How Might We" Statements Template
Ideation Prompt Cards
Ideation and Evaluation Outcomes Template
Evaluation Activities
Direct Market Feedback Guide

What Our Students Say

The Design course opened our eyes to the cross-functional work required to be wildly successful creating innovative and human-centered products. Our attendees learned about the power of personas and other tools in tackling problems and ultimately achieving the goal of developing better solutions for our customers. Moreover, in training and doing break-outs together and listening to each other’s questions, we gained a better understanding and increased respect for what each role deals with in bringing a new offer to market.

Michael Zlatic
Strategy and Business Transformation at Schneider Electric

Implementing the Pragmatic Institute techniques here at my company has really helped us stay focused on building products that solve market problems. Our entire design process was revamped to include these techniques and we’ve enjoyed great success.

Jonathan Harrell
Director of Product at TraceSecurity

We have been able to align our products to customer needs in a much more focused manner. This allows us to shorten our design cycles and deliver products that are purposeful.

Product Manager
Large Enterprise Electronics Company

The Pragmatic Institute training has allowed me to provide feedback that is now more relevant in regards to both our product design and launches.

Christine Bianco
VP, Brand Marketing, Revolos

The Pragmatic training has helped me to approach product development in an entirely different and much more sensible and logical way. We now create design for our customers first, understanding the market and their pain points, then building what they need.

Sarah Butler
Product Owner, Australia

Being equipped with the tools from the Pragmatic Institute courses has allowed me to think more strategically in how I can use design to influence and gather the right details to answer why we would move in a specific direction.

Product Manager
Small Business Healthcare Company

After taking Pragmatic training we can now focus on customer problems, rather than features you heard the customer wanted through sales. This has allowed us to confidently stand behind our product design and drive the product direction forward.

Product Manager
S&P 500 Financial Services Company

After taking Pragmatic training I now know how to collaborate with others in the creative/design process.

Small Business Electronics Company
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