Power Skills for Product Professionals

It’s Time to Influence, Lead and Develop Yourself

What kind of a product professional do you want to be?

Do you want to be the kind who just does as they’re told, goes with the flow, never causes a disruption and focuses purely on the tactical?

Or do you want to be a resilient product professional, a clear and effective communicator, a stalwart advocate, an empathetic influencer, a leader?

With Power Skills for Product Professionals, you can gain the skills you need to make a real difference on your products, your teams, your organization and—most importantly—your career. Leadership expert Art Petty specifically designed this course to give product professionals at every stage of their careers the skills you need for professional success.

It’s time you maximize your impact and become the product powerhouse you’ve always wanted to be with Power Skills for Product Professionals.

Power Skills for Product Professionals was specially and exclusively created for Pragmatic Institute by career skills expert Art Petty.

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Who Should Attend

All product professionals who want to improve their essential business skills to drive results.

This course was created for those who:

  • Struggle to influence and guide teams
  • Want to be more successful getting buy-in from teams and executives
  • Feel excluded from important meetings, discussions and decisions
  • Feel uncomfortable playing office politics
  • Need to be more strategic in their roles
  • Want a seat at the table where decisions are made
Tools & Templates

Each module of Power Skills for Product Professionals includes a series of informative videos, immediately actionable best practices and action guides to help you turn what you’ve learned into repeatable skills

What You'll Learn in Power Skills


Develop Yourself

Begin shifting the way you think, work and engage with your

colleagues-and yourself. Learn to:

  • Think differently in a wold of change
  • See yourself as others do
  • Strengthen your ability to receive feedback and constructive criticism
  • Tune-in to your professional purpose
  • Accelerate your learning to strengthen performance
  • Strengthen your resilience for your development journey
  • Build your professional brand

Develop Communication adaptability

Get the skills you need to survive and thrive in the most challenging workplace communication situations. Learn to:

  • Practice fierce listening
  • Communicate in challenging situations
  • Design strategic messaging through message mapping
  • Communicate confidently with executives
  • Deliver quality feedback that boosts performance
  • Communicate confidently and clearly with challenging colleagues

“The added tools (in addition to the Ideas to Action sheets) were really good – I plan to use the message map and the Feedback Planning Worksheet myself.”


Grow Your Influence

Challenge yourself to rethink your view on cultivating influence and power using empathy and persuasion. Learn to:

  • Develop influence by leading in the gray zone
  • Grow influence by starting with your boss
  • Develop influence through positive persuasion
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Develop your network to grow your influence
  • Change the way you think about influence and power in business

Develop Your Leadership Agility

Embrace leading without authority while learning to guide colleagues and teams to high performance. Learn to:

  • Rethink leadership
  • Redefine your relationship with trust
  • Discover your leadership signature
  • Win your inner game of leading
  • Develop and lead high-performance teams
  • Lead your peers
  • Lead upwards

Think(ing) Differently

Look at the world of strategy, idea development, decision making and other key activities through different filters. Learn to:

  • Think differently about decision-making
  • Become a better decision maker
  • Move more quickly from discussion to decision
  • Rethink idea generation
  • Reframe the strategy
  • Think differently to change your world

“I’d definitely recommend this course. I pulled a lot of great ideas out of it that I will use.”

About The Instructor

Art Petty in an executive and emerging leader coach; management and strategy consultant; and long-time software and technology industry senior executive. 

Art began his career as a product specialist trainee and rose through the ranks to lead marketing, sales and strategy in multiple organizations to positions of market leadership. 

He serves corporate clients for strategy and management team development in a variety of industries including software, manufacturing, finance, not-for-profit, professional services and retail. Additionally, Art has developed and regularly delivers coaching and training programs for emerging and senior leaders on topics like strategy, navigating disruptive change, succeeding with challenging communications and developing as a decision maker. His clients range from CEOS to high-potential professionals looking to develop as senior contributors and grow as executives. 

In addition to consulting, coaching and training, Art is a graduate management educator at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. 

Art writes the popular Management Excellence blog and Leadership Caffeine articles. He is the author of several books including:

Art is a feature writer for SmartBrief Leadership, served as the leadership and management expert for The Balance in 2016, and has been a frequent contributor to The Pragmatic magazine.

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