The Pragmatic Alumni Community

Because your training doesn’t end when class does.

Continue your training through connections with product peers and industry leaders from around the world in the Pragmatic Alumni Community (PAC), a dynamic part of your learning journey with Pragmatic Institute.

After you finish class, access the entire Pragmatic library of tools… and see how others have used them. Connect with industry fellows to share ideas, ask questions and swap insights. Tap into ongoing learning opportunities and intimate, member-exclusive events.

Come join the award-winning PAC.

Your Training Continues
in the PAC

You're In Good Company

Product professionals from around the world, in every industry, in every role gather together in the PAC to share ideas, advice, tools and more.

Tap into your global classroom and learn from the brightest minds in product.

Resources For you, By You

The PAC offers you unlimited access to the entire Pragmatic library of tools and templates covered in training, alongside real-life examples of how others have used them. Whether you’re new to the product world, a product veteran or lead a team of product people, the Pragmatic Alumni Community is the go-to resource for product professionals to turn theory into action.

Find Your Tribe

Got a question? Need advice? Want someone to cheer you on and show you how to turn your training into results? You’ll find all the support you need from like-minded product rockstars in the PAC.

A Dynamic Partner for Your Journey

Get robust support, expert resources and peer connections to help apply what you learned in training to every stage of your career.

A Network of Trusted Advisors

Get advice, coaching and feedback from industry legends, and find mentors and peers who understand you, your team and your business.

Your Secret Weapon for Better Products

The PAC delivers time-tested, battle-proven tactics, tools and tips you need to make an impact in your organization, today.

There’s Only One Way to Get Your Lifetime PAC Membership: Become an Alumni

Every product professional who trains with Pragmatic Institute has a lifetime membership to the PAC. Learning is a journey, and when you have questions along the way, your community membership helps you find the answers you need and network with peers to help you solve any challenges. Your community membership will never expire. Once you train with us, we’re your partner for life.  There’s never been a better time to become a Pragmatic Alumni.

Looking to get access to the PAC for your whole team? Excellent decision. The PAC ensures that what was taught in the classroom is applied to your products. Every member of your team who attends a course will get unlimited access to tools and templates, examples on how to use them, and curated suggestions on what to do first.

Talk to a member of our team today about getting the PAC for your team. 

Already an alumni, but aren’t in the PAC yet? Request access now! And if you’ve been using the Alumni Resource Center (ARC), now’s the time to upgrade to the PAC for even more resources.

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Already an Alumni?

Already an alumni, but aren’t in the PAC yet? Request access now! And if you’ve been using the Alumni Resource Center (ARC), now’s the time to upgrade to the PAC for even more resources. Please fill out this form to get access to the PAC.

No matter what you’re working on, what product you lead or what industry you’re in, the PAC has the tools, mentors and opportunities to support your work.

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