Pragmatic Institute Has the Training You Want

At Pragmatic Institute, we provide a variety of training options to give you, your team and your company the proven tools and actionable best practices needed to succeed. From online courses to private training, workshops and labs—Pragmatic Institute has the best option for you.

Online Training Courses

Pragmatic Institute offers the highest quality online training available today We offer training for product managers, product marketing managers and business leaders who need to integrate data science into their companies. Find the right courses for your needs.

Choose Your Courses, Choose Your Delivery

Online Training Courses

Pragmatic Institute offers the highest quality online training for product professionals. It's a great chance to network with peers and share best practices, and can be the perfect solution for today's globally dispersed teams. Best of all no matter which city you or your team are located, you can be sure that you will all end up speaking the same language.

Private Training Opportunities

Need to train whole teams, or even your whole company, to work together, use the same language, improve your products and integrate data science into your organization? Then have our qualified instructors train your team on your schedule. We provide private online training for your entire organization, so you can take your business to the next level, without the travel. 

Data Science Education

We are proud to offer online data science training for data practitioners who need hands-on, real-world experience. Our class sessions are LIVE online from expert data science instructors, and use real-world data sets and live code so you can put your training into immediate action..

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Workshops and Labs

After taking our training, our students are excited to put those new skills and tools to work. But where do you start? How do you share your new knowledge and plans with your team? That’s where the Pragmatic Institute Labs comes in. We offer several hands-on topics focused on your company and team’s specific issues. Now available online!