Turn products into revenue

Most launches fail because they only focus on one thing: Getting the product out the door. 

Launch helps you create a more strategic approach to increase your odds of meeting and exceeding your business objectives. Learn to execute successful launches that align your entire organization around the same strategies and goals.

You’ll learn how to connect with your buyers using targeted marketing programs, as well as how to empower sales with the tools and training they need to succeed.

What You'll Learn in Launch
Identify the Right Launch Strategies
Launch readiness is more than product readiness. Prepare your organization with a repeatable launch process. Learn how to:
Determine which of seven key launch strategies is right for you
Define measurable launch goals
Measure and report on launch effectiveness
Prepare Your Organization for Success
Evaluate your company’s operational readiness and ensure everything is ready to go for a successful launch. Get tips on how to:
Identify potential organizational constraints
Develop sales capacity planning models aligned to revenue goals
Conduct readiness assessments
Empower Sales
Launch isn’t the end of development; it’s the start of selling. Learn to empower sales for success. See how to:
Provide sales with effective tools and training that aligns with how the market buys
Focus sales efforts on the right opportunities
Minimize the demand for one-off sales support
On The Framework

The Pragmatic Framework has helped thousands of organizations around the world streamline their processes so they can build and market better products. Explore the key framework activities that we examine in  Launch.

Channel Training
Sales Tools
Sales Alignment
Who's it For
Everyone who is responsible for product launch or sales enablement, and wants to see their products succeed every time.
Product Marketing
Product Management
Channel Operations
Marketing Communications
Business Development
Tools & Templates

Product launch plan

Launch strategy assessment

Campaign planning

Awareness study

Repeatable sales process

Asset prioritization

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What Our Students Say

“Thank you very much for a comprehensive course! This course helped connect the end-to-end "dots" related to a launch, giving me a more wider picture and also additional frameworks to help get out of deliverable driven launch but with a more strategic approach.”

Norika Y
Product Marketing

“Fantastic course! Found everything very helpful and the instructor did a great job explaining all concepts to us so we were able to understand them with ease.”

Trevor R
Product Management

“The Readiness assessment was a great tool along with the Launch plan with all stakeholders. The launch approaches were very helpful to put a vision on the roadmap and encourage all teams to be mindful of their tasks.”

Smitha S
Product Management

“Fabulous course with tremendously applicable information to product marketing and sales enablement roles!”

April O
Ready to

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