How to Build Personas & Positioning that Wins Customers

By Josh Martin October 18, 2017

Too often, building customer personas and brand positioning turns into an exercise in futility. How can product teams turn these building blocks into a crucial framework that increases revenue and customer acquisition? Logi Analytics faced this challenge last year, which led the team to conduct vital persona research that sets the brand apart in the crowded business intelligence software market. Join Josh Martin,

Director of Product Marketing at Logi, as he discusses:

  • The step-by-step process Logi used to pinpoint its buyer persona, as well as key influencers
  • Best practices for turning research into tangible takeaways for sales, marketing and product
  • How to translate persona work into stronger positioning, unique selling propositions and a market differentiator


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Josh Martin

About the Presenters

Director of Product Marketing at Logi Analytics. He is responsible for developing the user and buyer persona, company positioning, competitive differentiators amongst other activities. 

10+ years of developing research service packages which assisted consumer electronics, media and telecom companies in successfully developing mobile application strategies.

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