The Pragmatic Framework

The original is still the best

The Perfect Solution To Product

The Pragmatic Framework breaks down the essential activities needed to build and market products people want to buy. It provides you and your team with a common language that will help your organization better understand your market and the problems it faces.

The best way to really learn the Pragmatic Framework?

By taking our courses, where we’ll break down each of these 37 boxes of product awesomeness to show you practical ways to implement our tried and true strategies.

For nearly three decades, the Pragmatic Framework has helped thousands of companies around the world create and market better products, streamline the way they work and improve their bottom line.

The Box Of The Month

Each month, we highlight a different box from the Pragmatic Framework, and provide you with the resources you need to successfully implement that activity into your organization.




Measure and tune product marketing programs to ensure alignment with corporate goals.

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37 boxes is a lot to remember. Download and print a handy copy of the Pragmatic Framework to hang up at your desk, carry with you in your notebook, have tattooed on your arm—whatever helps you most.

We also have a nifty version of our framework with all the definitions included. 

And a version that aligns the boxes with the courses that cover them, and their key responsibilities and required skills. 

Explore the Framework
There are 37 activities, or boxes, that make up the Pragmatic Framework. Click on any of the boxes to see a description of that activity.

View the interactive framework on a desktop device.

Market Problems
Win/Loss Analysis
Distinctive Competencies
Competitive Landscape
Asset Assessment
Market Definition
Distribution Strategy
Product Portfolio
Product Roadmap
Business Plan
Buy, Build or Partner
Product Profitability
Buyer Experience
Buyer Personas
User Personas
Use Scenarios
Stakeholder Communications
Marketing Plan
Revenue Growth
Revenue Retention
Sales Alignment
Sales Tools
Channel Training
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