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Want your data analysis to have the intended impact? Understanding your stakeholders’ needs and solving business problems with critical insights makes your work more strategic and rewarding.

Business-Driven Data Analysis teaches a proven, repeatable approach that you can leverage across data projects and toolsets to deliver timely data analysis with actionable insights. Identify the right question and the right data, optimize results, communicate them effectively and ensure stakeholder alignment.

In this course, you’ll practice new skills in different contexts and levels of difficulty, discuss with your peers and share feedback for improvement. You’ll leave the course able to figure out what a stakeholder truly wants, refine the project based on available data, produce results and provide strategic insights.

Business-Driven Data Analysis was developed in close partnership with Pragmatic Institute’s Data Advisory Board to ensure alumni can drive impact in an evolving data and business landscape.

What you’ll learn in Business-Driven Data Analysis

Translate Business Needs
into Achievable Data Projects

Get to the crux of a problem by asking the right questions to create objective, measurable goals.

Learn a Proven and Repeatable
Approach to Data Analysis

Optimize your processes and adopt a standardized approach for working with data.

Identify the Fastest Path to
Actionable Insights

Select the most powerful yet efficient method to gather and transform data for a problem.

Communicate Effectively with
Diverse Stakeholders

Minimize misunderstanding, share only what’s essential, and articulate the value and impact of your findings.

You must be able to interpret, clean and analyze data using spreadsheets before attending. You will complete assignments using your preferred program(s), so familiarity with at least one of the following is a prerequisite: PowerBI, Python, R, SQL, Tableau, and/or related tools and software. Looking to acquire these skills? Check out courses from our sister company, The Data Incubator.

Business-Driven Data Analysis

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  • 8 weeks
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Corporate Training

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These are the tools and
templates you'll learn
in this course.

Course Includes

Pragmatic Institute Data Insights Model

Pragmatic Data Insights Model

Our course is built around the Pragmatic Data Insights Model: an optimized, repeatable approach for any data project or toolset (such as Python, R, Power BI or Tableau).

Students master the Pragmatic Data Insights Model by completing five case studies, which are from representative business problems, and a unique final project implementing these skills within their own organizations using real-world data.

Our Approach

Our Business-Driven Data Analysis course is designed to deepen understanding with proven learning strategies. The curriculum provides time for students to embrace concepts, practice new skills and apply what they’ve learned to a challenge in their own work. Through a cycle of real-world business challenges (from a C-suite presentation to a data visualization request), presentations, feedback and reflection, they build on what they’ve learned. 

Students practice new skills in different contexts and levels of difficulty, discuss with their peers and share feedback for improvement.

Data analysts will leave the course able to figure out what a stakeholder truly wants, refine the project based on available data, produce results and provide strategic insights.

Course Instructor

Dr. Susan M. Gracia

Dr. Susan M. Gracia has been an educational research and evaluation consultant for more than 20 years—conducting analytics, assessment and evaluation projects for organizations inside and outside the U.S. She was a professor for eight years at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and an assistant professor at Northeastern University in the data analytics master’s program. Susan was formerly Director of Assessment at Rhode Island College and Simmons College, where she worked with faculty to identify KPIs and data collection procedures, analyze data, and utilize findings for informed decisions and continuous improvement. She has developed and delivered all levels of data training—from data understanding and basic analysis to data visualization, predictive analytics and data mining.

Susan has a PhD in Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation. She earned a Certificate in Data Science from the University of California and a Data Analytics in R Certificate from Cornell University. The recipient of several prestigious fellowships (such as the 2012 Fulbright Scholar Grant to Peru) Susan has presented on data-related topics at conferences, published articles in journals, and authored research and evaluation reports and book chapters.


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