The Practical Side of Portfolio Management

By Mike Smart, Nils Davis November 17, 2014

A lot of practical considerations are necessary to successfully manage your company's product portfolio.

In this webinar, you will learn about the tools and techniques for successful product portfolio management, including metrics to gauge portfolio health and terminology to keep everyone on the same page. We will explore these topics and help you answer questions like:

  • How many products should I have in my product portfolio before I start managing it?
  • How does product portfolio management differ from project portfolio management?
  • How can I assess my existing product portfolio?
  • How to use buyer personas to craft high-impact, human-centered marketing strategies that encourage buyers to take action and seek relationships with your organization

Join Mike Smart and Nils Davis, founder and consultants of Egress Solutions, for this lively discussion as attendees will learn practical tips and best practices to help you successfully manage your company's product portfolio.

Mike Smart

About the Presenters

Mike Smart is founder and managing principal of Egress Solutions Inc.Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Nils Davis

About the Presenters

Nils Davis has more than 22 years of technology industry product management experience, including leading the Accept360 suite of product planning and portfolio management products, and leading the NetIQ AppManager product for seven years prior to its acquisition by Attachmate. Read his thoughts on product management on Egress’s blog and on his own site 

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