Pragmatic Spring 2019

The Ethics Issue

We all have moral principles that direct our personal behavior. Professionally, in the mad dash to meet deadlines and exceed expectations, it can be tempting to test the bounds of those principles. But, as French author and philosopher Albert Camus put it, “a man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon the world.”

Dive into the topic of ethics in this issue of The Pragmatic and think about where integrity sits for you—and your organization—as you design, develop and deliver the products that make you stand apart, both personally and professionally.


AI Ethics
Harnessing the Demon: Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Product

The unrelenting pace of technology requires a strong understanding of its broader implications.


Cognitive Bias
It’s All in Your Head: The Effect of Cognitive Bias on Our Decisions and Our Products

Learn to identify and mitigate the ways our brain skews our (and our customers’) thinking.

Legal Guardrails
The Legal and Ethical Guardrails for Sound Competitive Intelligence
Factors to consider in your competitive intelligence work—no cloak and dagger needed.
Ethical Pricing
Identifying Ethical Practices in Pricing
How aware are you of ethical pricing tactics and strategies?

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