Pragmatic Marketer Summer 2018

Bridge the Gap With Sales

Are you delivering information the sales team needs in a way that is useful to them, or are you expecting them to match what’s easiest for you? Failure to align with sales is one of the biggest problems facing product teams. That’s why we’ve dedicated the summer issue of Pragmatic Marketer to the topic. You’ll find tools, tips and insights to build more successful sales partnerships.


What the Heck Is Sales Readiness Anyway?

Prepare your sales reps to optimize every customer conversation they have.

Mapping Your Sales Tools to the Customer Journey

Ensure that you’re investing in the sales tools you need to accelerate the customer journey.

2 Personas + 1 Buyer Journey: How to Align Sales and Marketing Around the Buyer’s Needs
Learn how to create an action plan to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

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